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    [WTT] Elyos Account
    55 AP ranger, 51 Ap sin 50(twink) Ap chanter Perento Asmodian.
    Aion Asmodian 55iger IMBA GLADI PVP Brigade Komplett,Bakarma +15
    Aion EU Account /// 7 Chars
    Crystal aion abg cloth
    VK Aion Account /Balder.... =)
    WTB 50 cleric with full elite pvp set EU-Server
    WTS - EU Europe AION Closed Beta Keys ( 1 2)
    WTS - EU Europe AION Open Beta Keys
    WTS Elyos Full Pvp Gladiator
    WTS Highend Asmo Gladi , Bakarma +15 on Perento ( 3 PvP Sets)
    WTS Lvl 50 Gladiator on EU/Kahrun + 4alts
    wts mage 55 kromede
    WTS TOP Asmodier Account [Kromede]
    WTT 55 Sorc EU
    WTT High End Glad Elyos
    Hatorjas lvl9er Schuhe mit PVP bonis s24
    WTS Chanter (Brandon, Elyos) Perento
    Level 50 Sorcerer Triniel
    VK Aion Account
    55 Mage *Asmo Kromede* Voll Orange PVE
    WTT level 30 [E] Sorcerer and more for Aion gamecard / other offers!
    WTT level 85 WoW Account for Aion Account1z1zWTT level 85 WoW Account for Aion Account level 85 Goblin Warrior. More info will be given if requested. Pm me or post here.
    WTT lvl 45 Cleric +35 Sorc (ASMO) for Anything
    WTT LVL50 ASSA THOR/ASMOS1z1zupdate: leider keine zeit mehr zuspielen daher verkauf ich ihn Zum Char: LVL :50 3/5 Fenril Teilen die 4 quest dafür ist fast fertig. 4mio kinah Alchemie Experte 12k AP höchster rang war rang 1 über 4000 kills zuverkaufen für 200€ bei interesse pm
    WTT or WTS 55 Assassin full 50 Elite AP armor For (Glad,SM or Temp) with = armor
    WTT or WTS 55 Assassin full 50 Elite AP armor For (Glad,SM or Temp) with = armor1z1z
    WTT or WTS 55 Assassin full 50 Elite AP armor For (Glad,SM or Temp) with = armor1z1zWTT NA Israphel 55 Assassin 50 Elite AP armor 40 ap Acc Rings 50 ap Earrings 50 ap Sword 50 Ap dagger 449 Tailoring 3 pieces of Miragents Chest and leggings of Anuhart WTT for 55 SM They need to at least have the 40 Ap set i would prefer it to be on a NA server Contact Me by email or text me u will get a quick reply ***************************************************** 301-318-5841
    WTT RS for Aion! BE QUICK!
    WTT Siel Account.1z1zI want to trade my level 31 cleric, and my level 22 Gladiator, and my 27 assassain for something similiar plz contact me through . Looking for something similiar to a level 31+. Plz make me offers through all characters have over 300,000 and are geared out. :[email protected]
    WTT SILKROAD LVL94 CHAR --> AION cd key or aion account1z1zHi WTT lvl94 Spear nuker (server : olympus) i need AION cd key or aion account : on : *****************************************************
    WTT sorc for templar or sin!
    WTT Swtor acc or rift acc for aion acc with a lvl 55
    WTT WoW Account BC for Aion Time!
    WTT WoW account for Aion EU
    Wtt WoW account for...
    WTT Wow Eu 85 Epic Paladin for Aion 55 Gladiator (Female)1z1zHello, i have a nice Wow EU account i'm stopped playing some months ago. I have all details also. It's a Draenei Paladin with Raid ready retribution (main spec) and holy gears. PVE server, transfer up. Around 2k golds, 80 Mounts and 80 Pets. 8900 achievement points. Good mounts like 16k old dalaran mammuth, halloween mount, speederbike and store mounts (celestial steed and winged guardian). Account comes with full item banks with many items you can sell for money. Can use . For more infos add me ([email protected]) after replying here and i will show armory and we can talk about whatever you wanna know.. Acc is freedezed i can renew it 1 month if your same is active. Ty
    WTT wow with 2x80 and 1x70 for aion account with some high level
    WTT: 55 sin, 55 gladiator, 51 sorc for cash or 80 or 85 wow account more info inside
    WTT: Aion 50 Templar for 50+ Lotro account
    WTT: lvl 50 Rift Rogue --- epicced out ---||| Rank 3 almost 4 ||| for 55 Sin1z1zRift CE lvl 50 Rogue Is almost entirely epic everything. Almost rank 4 as well. over 50k to spend as well. decent amount of plat, and extras in bags including extra epics for PVE. Has 3 roles, etc etc ============== Looking for PVP geared lvl 55 assassin. 50-55 pvp gear preffered AIM: SBANE12
    WTT: My 55 Geared temp/chant(same account) for a geared 55 ranger or glad1z1zI currently have a geared 55 temp with a tac gs+8 united with a pvp wep, have the 50 pvp set+10, and can craft almost everything have alchemy 499, cooking 499, max morph, max craft for making easy kinah, have eternal pvp accessory and is the 3rd best templar in siel ely server, the chanter haves 1 pvp 50 piece and malikas set with good money. all stigmas are updated and my temp haves a para godstone and a lot of more stuff in bank for 3.0 the account haves a twinked 43 sin, 41 sm too. All im looking for is for a Glad 55 well geared(pvp or sw) or a ranger pst me via txt message (787) 232 2076 ---------- Post added 03-18-2012 at 07:14 AM ---------- or looking for a sorc too
    WTT: WANTED Aion lvl50+ acc for GW2 + DIABLO3 + STARCRAFT2 accountes
    WTT: WTT [H] DK (361 ilvl) + 85 alt for a decent 55 || REPPED + OO ||1z1zHello everyone. MY AIM IS... kevinbasickey I'm looking to trade my DK (ilvl 361) Blood MS, Frost OS with a 354 alt on the same server for a fairly decent 55, I'm not too picky about the class.. so I'll be open to all offers ^^ I received the account over 2 years ago and I transferred it to a new account and got the old account locked, so I can assure the security of it! I'll provide the armory links along with any other information you need over AIM, I didn't feel like making a huge detailed post =P POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING
    WTT: WTT 47 asmo ranger for 47+ asmo/elyos glad1z1z47 asmo sin on vaziel he also had 2 pack pets 4 months on vet rewards and a lvl 50 19% attack speed bow for 50 contact me for more info or armory
    WTT: WTT NA asmodian sorc for cleric or ranger(NA).
    WTT/S 50* TWINK SORC ACC LF $/Khina
    Xman----pre-order the Aion!
    WTT (H) holy pally for aion acct. must be repped
    WTT (S) Aion EU Key (B) several game keys and game time cards1z1zhey guys i need an Aion EU CD Key for activating my pre order account. I have: 2x SOE (Sony Online Entertainment)90 day GTC 1x DAoC Gamekey (All expansions) 3x C&C Red Alert 3 Key 3x NFS Underground key 2x Battleforge key 2x Anno 1701 Key 3x Lord of the rings online GTC 60 days 1x City of Heroes CD Key i would be very happy if someone has an aion eu cd key and want to trade it with me for one or several keys i have. for contact pls pm me and i´ll send you details (icq or whatever) killaboa
    WTT 100m Spatalos kinah Asmo (Me) vs. 100M Kromede Kinah Asmo (You)
    WTT 42 Sorcerer for WoW xfer, race change and maybe game time!!! - SOLD
    WTT 50 Temp + 48 Cleric w/50 Spiritmaster.
    WTT acc for game time card
    WTT Aion ACC 30 Sorcerer, 30 Gladiator, 30 Chantor, 27 Assassin, 25 Spiritmaster1z1zThese 5 Chars ( 30 Sorcerer, 30 Gladiator, 30 Chantor, 27 Assassin, 25 Spiritmaster ) are on a Official German Aion Server, Account is Payed till 12. December 2009. The Account will be 2 Months old on the 12. Dec, so you'll get 2 Veteran Items. I would trade the ACC for a Original and unused Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Key.
    WTT Aion account for Vanilla+BC WoW Keys
    WTT aion account for WoW account...
    WTT Aion account for WoW1z1zFirst things first, this account is Limited Collectors Edition, I could include the actual box and materials but only if you want them. The account has a 23 Gladiator and 10 sorcerer on Azphel, and a 18 assassin and 15 cleric on Ariel. When the game first came out I put 3 months on this account, im not exactly sure how much time of that is left. I am the OO of this account. I had traded it once before but the guy ended up scamming a friend of mine(he traded his dk for a rogue, then traded the rogue to me for this aion account. He then recalled his dk so I gave the other guy his rogue back and recalled this Aion account. This user is now banned on the site.) I am looking at WoW lvl 80 accounts. I dont really care if I find a trade, I know this account doesnt hold much value but at the same time im not gonna trade it for something I wouldnt play.
    WTT Aion Account gegen Guild Wars Account / Stuff oder Geld1z1zHallo, würde gerne einen Aion Account gegen nen sehr guten Guild Wars Account oder gegen GW Stuff tauschen, sprich z.B Ekken oder Platin.. Auch Geld per Überweisung wär kein Problem! Paypal müsste ich schauen.. Eltern. Das ganze würde mit Treuhand ablaufen. -> Mehr Sicherheit für euch! Der Account hat einen Lvl. 31er weiblicher Mage auf Lephar auf Seite der Elyos mit einer Blauen Brust-Rüssi aus der lvl 30iger Q. Auf dem Account sind derweil noch ca 120k Kiniah. Ausserdem ist er beim Craften in Alchemie auf 330/399 Angebote bitte per PN. EDIT: Account ist noch für 2 Monate abbezahlt!
    WTT Aion Beta Account for Vanilla WoW Key1z1zTitle says it all any more questions or interested contact me on Cubz009
    WTT Aion Collectors 28 Sorc for WOW [TWV + REP]
    WTT aion key for wow BC key (repped)
    WTT Aion US
    WTT Asmo Sorc Thor 55 PvP Gear for Asmo Chanter gear doesnt matter !
    WTT decked 80 druid for very geared AION lvl 50
    WTT epic ranger for temp/sorc/cleric/glad/sm
    WTT epic ranger for temp/sorc/cleric/glad/sm
    WTT EU Aion Account for US WoW CDKEY1z1zand a WoW CD KEY ONLY. the aion account has a 12 sorceress on it, that's it. it's a 60 dollar value for 20 dollars.
    WTT Glad55 and Cleric55 GG Characters PvP Gear
    WTT Infinite Aion Greed cleric 551z1zHi, I want to trade my cleric for a Ranger or SM on Infinite Aion Elyos/Asmo Greed/Pride. My Gear: SW Hammer+1 SW Shield+1 Noble Elegant Corundum Glasses 2x Debil Earrings 2x Anurati Earrings SW Hauberk / Anuhart Hauberk Anuhart Chausses Anuhart Brogans Anuhart Hanguards / Expert Noble Hoca Gloves Elder Spaulders Debil Necklace Malika's Sash I have the lvl50 blue greater stigmas of booth trees. Arround 8kk Kinah and some AP Items. Thats it ^^ Cleric is Asmo on Greed
    WTT l2 acc for aion eu1z1zHi, want to trade my lineage 2 account (teon SK 77 lvl) for aion eu account. If u are interested >> my [email protected]
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