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    Neuer acc spielbar1z1zVerkaufe Meinen Aion Account hab mir das Spiel vor ca ne4 woche gekauft und leider aufgrund nes andern games keine zeit dafür mehr .. drauf ist ein 24 assasine und ein 13 Kantor... spielzeit um die 20 tage 24000 kinah ca schreibt preisangebote rein, pm oder sonst was..der höchste bekommt! mfg
    New Aion EU-Account 3 Weeks ametime !!! <---
    NOFAP CD KEY $10
    Opportunity Knocks
    Perento Elyos Sorc
    Pimp Your Toons!1z1zPimp Your Toons Now! Specials on EVERYTHING tonight ONLY! Visit Game Seller Pros - Your ONLY Source for FULL Professional Custom Work in MMOs Lvl 30, 40, 50, or 55 Elite PvP Gear! Fenrils Armor Set! Gelkmaros Armor Set! Inggisons Armor Set! Miragents Armor Set! Power Leveling! Level 30, 40, and 50 Normal and Elite Weapons! Abyss Points! Tradeskill Leveling! And MORE! We are the ONLY 100% secure company that offers this! Don't miss this special. Visit our website and enter live chat for details! Game Seller Pros - Your ONLY Source for FULL Professional Custom Work in MMOs
    Re: WTT Aion EU CE account (including 31lvl assassin) for LOTRO EU lifetime acc - SOLD1z1zYeah got bored of Aion, so i want to trade my account: lvl 31 asmodian assassin, with good stuff between 29-31 and including 2 rare parts. Not much kinah, but much mats and stuff in storage. Character has all the CE items (Wings, titles etc.) Account has still playtime till Dec. 1 2009. Character is on server Castor (EU). I want to trade it for LOTRO LIFETIME EU account, including expansion. Character on that account is not a must. Reply here or pm. EDIT If someone is interested i can trade an Wow EU licking account with that Aion EU account, but then i'm looking for higher lvl account in LOTRO EU. My wow account includes lvl 80 draenei DK, 69 gnome rogue and 19 nelf twink. Gear = rare/epic. Wow account has no playtime left atm. I'M THE REAL OWNER OF BOTH THESE ACCOUNTS.
    S> 45 Cleric on [Azphel][Elyos][East]1z1zHello, Got a 45 cleric up for sale too. Highlights: Level 45 Orange abyss ring Orange Weapon (Xenophome's) Orange HELMET (This thing is good, has crazy amounts of Pdef/Evasion/Block, perfect for Clerics). 20% RunSpeed Boots from Quest. 340 Alchemy Craft 323 Vit Gathering. Looking for Offers in USD Only. Also Comes with 1.6m Kinah.
    S> aion collectors edition account ranger
    S>55 SORC & 55 Cleric on Perento
    sell 90M kinah on Perento
    Sell Account 25 Cleric Collecters/Perorder EU1z1zRegion: Europe Server: Castor Class: Cleric Priest Level: 25 Equipped with all green gear, except a blue belt, and a green 25 weapon Kinah: about 400,000 Job: Handicrafting 140p Collect: about 125 Aether: around 80 (not sure but its over 75) Play time: Active until Dec 1st Pay in Paypal, you pay first then i give account info, no bs
    Sell Aion Veteran Acc
    Sell/Trade Level40 Asmodian Templar with GOLD items for ELYOS NEZEKAN or $$1z1zthis is the look at my character and his items. ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=3 I would like to trade for Elyos account in Nezekan server or if you don't have .. then cash would do, good price, please pm or leave message here. this is my [email protected]
    Selling 2 Leet and Cheap Accounts!
    Selling 32 Ranger Eu Server. Cheap!
    Selling 38 Gladiator and 30 Templar1z1z<span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">Account Information</span></span> Collectors Edition Account Account Status: Frozen (No play time left on account) 2 characters <span style="text-decoration: underline">First Character</span> Class: Gladiator Level: 38 Server: Kaisinel Race: Asmodian Professions: 378 Cooking & 302 Alchemy Gathering: 301 Aether Gathering: 330 Kinah: 2.8mil <span style="text-decoration: underline">Second Character</span> Class: Templar Level: 30 Server: Ariel Race: Elyos Professions: 145 Armorsmithing Gathering: 100 Kinah: 400k Taking Offers.
    Selling AION CE account [EU]1z1zSelling Aion Collection Edition account [EU] Playable Until: January 29 2010 Price: Section 8 steam gift contact me at : ***************************************************** Quote: Prepurchase Bonus Prepurchase Aion? now and get exclusive in-game items, as well as early access to Aion?. All pre-purchases from the NCsoft Store come with: * Seven (7) Days of Additional Free Game Time: One extra week of free game time * Aion? Beta playerup: Receive a code to access all of the Aion? beta playerup. Play in an Aion? beta event, and you will have a chance to win* a killer Alienware gaming notebook or other great prizes, including ATI Radeon? HD video cards and subscriptions to Aion?. * Head Start on the Live Game: Get an early head start to the live game, before the game goes on sale. * Preselection: Access to Aion? server and character pre-selection! * Prepurchase-Only In-Game Items: o Black Cloud Hat (gives boosts to HP, MP, magical resistance, and evasion) o Lodas' Amulet (gives a +20% experience boost) o Ancient Ring of Wind The in-game items will be available for use during the Head Start Program. Special Aion? Collector's Edition Features The Aion? Collector's Edition gives you these additional in-game items: * Black Cloud Wings (gives 40 seconds of additional flight time) * Black Cloud Earring (gives an HP and an MP boost) * Special character title with stat boost * Color dye to tint one in-game item * Two character emotes
    Selling Fresh Aion Veteran Key!
    Selling lv50 Ranger Spatalos EU Asmo ( 1 2)
    Server Kinah only Europe - Lephar & Thor + Accountverkauf1z1zKinah Lephar : Elyos - Asmodae Thor : Elyos - Asmodae Preise wie folgt : Eloys bei Thor sowie Lephar 1 Million 4,59 € verkauf ab 5 Millionen. Bei eine abnahme von 10 Millionen gibt es 10% oben drauf! on Stock now: Lephar : 148,5 Millionen Thor : 122,4 Millionen Asmodae bei Thor sowie Lephar 1 Million 3,49 € verkauf ab 10 Millionen. on Stock now: Lephar : 211 Millionen Thor : 98,3 Millionen Account´s Beschwörer Level 49 Lephar - Elyos - auf den Account befindet sich noch ein Gladiator auf Level 46! Die Accounts sind nicht ausgestattet! - Kochen auf 419 - Lebenskraftgewinnung 384 Magierin Level 50 Lephar - Asmodae - auf den Account befindet sich noch eine Templerrin auf Level 28! Die Accounts sind nicht ausgestattet! Bezahlmethode : PayPal, Paysafecard und Sofortüberweisung Ich übernehme keine Haftung für gesperrte Accounts nach großen Mengen von Kinahkauf! Einfach eine Nachricht schreiben und Kontaktdaten wie /ICQ oder auch hinterlassen. Werde mich dann mit Ihnen oder mit euch in Verbindung setzen.
    Siel Elmos Kiah1z1zI want to buy about 3mil Kiah for Aion in Siel [​IMG] If you have please PM me.
    Special Angebot: Powerleveling 1 Level Gratis zum Testen, bis 35!1z1zHallo, da ich ein Powerlevelbetrieb aufbauen will und dass alles etwas Werbung braucht, mache ich hier und jetzt ein exclusives Angebot! Ihr könnt mich austesten und bewerten, ich level euren Charakter 1 Level egal ob es von Level 1 auf Level 2 oder von Level 32 auf Level 33 ist, Vorraussetung ist, dass der Charakter unter Level 35 ist. Also holt euch jetzt euer Gratis Level!! Kontakt : ***************************************************** Greetings!
    Suche aion account
    Suche AionEU GTC (30 Tage)1z1zTitel sagt alles, zahle 10 € PSC. Ich benutze erst die GTC und gebe euch danach die PSC, alternativ auch über einen MM (müsst ihr selber suchen).
    Suche AionEU GTC (60 Tage)1z1zTitel sagt alles, zahle 10 € PSC. Ich benutze erst die GTC und gebe euch danach die PSC, alternativ auch über einen MM (müsst ihr selber suchen).
    Suche wen der mir sein aion acc 2 wochen leiht ( 1 2 3)1z1zHey ich such wen der mir sein aion acc leiht. Zahle entweder 50 Guild Wars Ektos die woche, 500.000 Kinah die woche oder 15 euro die woche
    Templar twink (50) Lannok Greatsword +10 AP gear ( 1 2)
    Templar twink (50) Lannok Greatsword +10 AP gear ( 1 2)1z1z
    Trading 23 Sorc Siel Elyos1z1zFOR AN ASsASIN OR RANGER w/ SIMILAR LEVEL SIEL Elyos pm me or aim Yblaster2k
    Trading Aion account1z1zHey guys i have a totally clean aion account i bought the collectors edition and everything and cant play it cuz of my comp specs ( which blow ). but anyways collectores edition aion clean account let me kno your offers can be anything. - *****************************************************
    Trading Battlefield 2 collection + Left4dead steam account for Aion.
    Trading Decked Human Rogue 80 (WoW) for Aion Character!1z1zLooking to trade my level 80 Human Rogue. This Account has never been traded , the character has very good gear. PVE and PVP set. Has epic flyer. Around 5k gold on him right now. Account is NOT Battle net attached. Armory available upon request. Looking for level 30+ Aion Characters. Aim : Skino16
    Trading lvl 27 Sorc on Marchutan!
    Trading several accounts for Aion key.1z1zI giving the following accounts for a Aion cdkey : Lord of the Rings eu with low lvl. Age of Conan EU with lvl 59. Champions online with gametime until 1st of october. PM or AIM me. aim : mill3nc
    trading wow with 2x80 and 1x70 for aion account with some high level
    Verkaufe 15 Tage Aion (GameStop)
    Verkaufe 2 Aion EU CD Keys für 10€/each1z1zHallo liebe Community, da ich warscheinlich mit Aion aufhöre verkaufe ich 2 unbenutze Aion CD Keys für 10€/each. Zahlungsmethode wird per PM besprochen . Wenn ihr nen Key wollt, dann schickt mir eine PM das ich ihn euch reservieren kann, Ich melde mich dann bei euch, falls noch ein key da ist. Die Keys sind von dem BlackMarketModerater Kuh. Da ich diese nicht mehr benötige, verkaufe ich sie wieder. Wenn ihr mir nicht glaubt, fragt Kuh ------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, Im selling 2 unused Aion EU CD Keys for 10 € each. Payment-Method will be discussed via PM. If you want a Key, send me a PM. If I have a Key left, Ill send you a PM back to confirm it. The Keys are from the Black Market Moderator Kuh. Ask Kuh if you dont belive me. I am selling these keys, because I think I quit with aion. Thanks -loleron /Edit Sold both keys, thanks everyone.
    Verlose Aion Account
    Virtueller Gutschein für ein Aion T-Shirt :D1z1zAion GC08 TShirt von NCsoft - Gewinner: ObiLee // erledigt! GZ Anschrift via PM pls!
    WoW 80 Hunter on Mal Ganis [H] - Looking for Aion account
    WTB - KINAH THOR ASMO ! + Paralyze or Silence GS
    WTB 40+ Assassin Asmodian on Triniel1z1zPost if interested... can also trade for a pimp FFXI Account
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