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    NOTE: I dont play anymore, due to all 3 of my friends getting banned for botting. Since I have no desire to play the game alone, I am wanting to sell my account for FG. This account is Collector's Edition I paid $60 U.S Dollars retail. This account has full daev set + 2 daev weapons This game is pay to play so dont consider this post if you dont plan on 1. Having a lot of time and dedication (even tho I cut a lot of work out for you) 2. Cannot cover monthly fee's ($15) PRICE: $250 - I deem this fair because I literally put months and months of play time on this account and I deem it fair. Purchase of this account you will recieve account information, password, untouched kinah -in the millions, gatherables pretty much a lot of random stuff since I left account as is Aion account, has had 5 months of consecutive pay on it, has access to 5 months worth of Veteran Rewards. Veteran Rewards Reward Level Date Awarded 1 Month: Pop Daeva Oct 29, 2009 2 Months: Honored Daeva Nov 29, 2009 3 Months: Dance Daeva Dec 29, 2009 4 Months: Honored Daeva Jan 29, 2010 5 Months: Honored Daeva Feb 28, 2010 CHARACTERS: Level 46 Spirit Master ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=1 Level 41 Assassin ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=1 Level 21 Gladiator ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=1 Level 39 Chanter ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=1 Level 27 Cleric ://na.aiononline/livestatus/...amp;serverID=1 There are more characters on this account I believe but I forgot their name and level Due to being inactive on this game I do not remember. ://bluegartrls/forum/showthread.php?t=79475 p>
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