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    The reason I'm selling the account is simply because it's not my type of game, I decided to try it out ages ago and it just didn't work for me, and now that I have discovered this site, I have found a medium in which to sell it. But if you like theese type of games I'm sure you'll find it quite entertaining. The account has 3 characters in it: Starting with a level 36 gladiator a melee character he has decent enough gear 20k abyss points at the moment (Which you can use to purchase additional items etc.) and 100+ gathering skill and about 500k kinah (The in game currency.) The second one being a level 23 Sorcerer a ranged magic user. He has roughly 300k Kinah and has not yet gained sufficient level to enter the abyss, he has fine gear for his level. The last is a level 16 Assassin a melee class with little health but has sneaking skills and other skills to complement that. Not high enough level to be in the abyss, 75-ish gathering and 200k-ish Kinah. All in all a pretty handsome group of people. And totalling the kinah to about 1 million. PM me if you have any questions, and just bid whatever for it, the lowest one will get it. I have no interest in keeping this. - Do it for only for the gold if you already play the game.
Thread Status:
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