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    WTT Aion - 23 Ranger for MW2 Gifted to Steam.
    WTS: 55 Gladiator, Asmo, Zikiel Server
    WTS: 55 gladiator1z1zLv55 Asmodian Gladiator on NA Siel Server +10 Gold Lv50 Balic Spear w/8% PvP Elite Merge 4 PvP Accessories (Helm, 2 Rings, and Belt), Rest PvE Full 5/5 +10 Lv40 Elite Set (Reskinned with 12Mil Kinah Skin dyed Black) 3/5 Beshmundir Temple Gladiator Set (Great PvE armor) 3/5 Fenrir’s Set 4/5 Flame of Hell Plate Set (To use against S Grade Tahabata) 2/3 Lonely Sapphire Accesory Set (Stumble Resist Set) 116K AP 499/499 Artisan Alchemist (Potions, Scrolls, Orbs, Books) 499/499 Aethertapping (Air Gathering) 399/399 Essencetapping (Ground Gathering) contact: h3ls1ng@
    WTS: 55 Sorc and 55 Sin Asmo Siel1z1zSorc equipment: +10 Master Darkwater Orb with lv 50 pvp orb 30e gear full 50 pvp access 2073 Mboost Sin: +12 Lannok +9 Alukina both with Silence stone, Flarestorm Dagger with blind stone, Dark Dragonking Sword 40non elite Gear 30 pvp access Has 60mil kinah on acct Im asking 400-500 flat If u want anymore info plz pm me and Ill get back at ya thank you
    WTS: 60Tage NCSoft Prepaid Aion, Lineage...1z1zVerkaufe einen Gametimecard von 60 Tagen für Aion etc. Suche Zaishen-Keys für Guild Wars Angebot machen und melden.
    WTS: Aion Asmodian Cleric Full Fenris and AP / Perento
    WTS: Aion Beta Key1z1zHey, I just won an AION Beta-key. I will definitely not play this game, cause I'm waiting for Guild Wars 2, so I sell my key here. Just PM me with your //ICQ/AIM, as always
    WTS: Aion Eu Account with Full LvL55 Eternal Ranger&Chanter, Spatalos Asmodian Side
    WTS: Aion EU Veteran Account
    WTS: AION Kinah 100% Safe & Fast!
    WTS: Aion NA Spiritmaster lvl 53 Full MIthrill coin set with 20kk Server Kahrun
    WTS: Cheap decently geared Asmo Templar Israphel
    WTS: Geared Assassin and Gladiator1z1zlink to Assassin WoW Armory Anonymous Nameless Aion Armory World of Warcraft Armory Has about 29 crusader token and about 5m kinah on both toons 1 sword has silence godstone the other paralyze link to Gladiator WoW Armory Anonymous Nameless Aion Armory World of Warcraft Armory Weapon has Silence godstone both toons also have fenrirs set any other questions leave pm I am asking for 500 USD flat tired of aion don't wanna even play no more has over a month left on the sub and if your wondering server is Zikiel
    WTS: GLADIATOR,55,eu1z1z!!!PAY ATTENTION INCREDIBLE ACCOUNT!!! This account is composed of 3 LEVEL 55 chars !!! The main char is a GLADIATOR, it have full 50 elite pvp armor 10, zapiel\'s extendable spear 15 with silence godstone, eternal lvl 55 pvp spear 10 with paralyze godstone, full pvp accessories, it have 20 millions kinah and a ****load of enchantment stones (L83 ) and lots of manastones for an amount of over 300 millions, it have around 350 000 abyss points and other 200 000 abyss points into the warehouse, also about 60 platinum medals. It have 150 000 EC pve insignas and 7000 EC PVP insignas !!! you can get whatever eternal armor or weapon you want. It have also the general godstone into the warehouse. It have gathering 490/499 and aethertapping 499/499 Second char is a 55 assassin with 2 eternal weapons with paralyze godstone and full eternal empirean crucible pvp armor. Third char is a 55 ranger with full 40 elite pvp set 10 and a balic 55 bow 10 and silence godstone and some pvp accessories. The account also have a lvl 44 twink sorcerer with 10 weapon and a general godstone on it. You will never find a better account with 3 FULL PVP GEARED LEVEL 55 CHARACTERS ready to use, very powerful, you can choose gladiator, assasin or ranger as you like!!! NO.3Z12285404 plz dont hesitate,add my icq:633172023 Or add my
    WTS: Infinite Aion Kinah - Greed, Asmo ( 1 2 3)
    WTS: InPanic Account
    WTS: Kinah on israphel elyos
    WTS: Level 55 Templar 4/5 Stormwing Gear1z1zSelling a Female Templar on Ish 4/5 Stormwing Gear. Has SW Shield also. More info available apon request. Asking 300 obb Thanks
    WTS: Lvl 55 Assassin EU - Heavily geared1z1zMy main is an Assassin lvl 55 with the following equipment: Weapons: +10 Archon Brigade General Dagger with Silence Godstone +10 Archon Brigade General Dagger with Blind Godstone +1 Noble Coliseum Champion's Flatbow merged with Archon Tribunus's Longbow with Movementspeed Reduction Godstone. Equipment: +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Jerkin +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Breeches +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Shoulderguards +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Vambrace +10 Elite Guardian Tribunu's Boots Accessories: Noble Coliseum Champion's Bandana Archon Tribunus's Ruby Necklace Archon Tribunus's Ruby Earrings Archon Tribunus's Ruby Earrings Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General's Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General's Leather Belt (Is also in possession of the leather Fenris set with a Paralyze godstone on the weapon and has some additional PVE accessories). Stigma: Has many regular stigmas aswell as the highest lvl Abyss stigmas for the Quickening Doom tree. Craft: Cooking 450/499 with many good recipes - Alchemy 399 with many good recipes. Essencetapping: 399 Aethertapping: 399 Morph: Has all possible recipes. Emotes: Has many awesome emotes. Inventory cube: 108 slots. Warehouse cube: 88 slots. Motioncards: Levitation and Ninja. Additional char info: This character is packed with nice items to sell and has 2 additional pets for more storage aswell. The elite set is remodeled with the Archon Brigade General skins and it has more good looking things inside, with alot of value! Alternative character, Gladiator lvl 49: Weapons: +10 Expert Noble Adamanium Polearm merged with Elite Squad Leader's Polearm with 1% General godstone. +10 Alukina's Spear merged with Reaper's Spear. Equipment: +5 Expert Adamantium Breastplate +10 Elite Archon Squad leader's Greaves +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Shoulderplates +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Gauntlets +10 Elite Archon Squad Leader's Sabatons Accessories: Brave Man's Helm Impish Topaz Necklace Impish Topaz Earrings Impish Topaz Earrings Impish Topaz Ring Impish Topaz Ring Impish Topaz Leather Belt Motioncards: Levitation. Additional info: It's a very fun PvP character with also many other nice items, has it's PvP set remodeled with an Unique event skin. ------------------------------------------ My account has been active since the first day of Aion, having received all of the Veteran Rewards and many surveys. I also have another Gladiator lvl 10 on a different server, he has all 27 veteran months stocked and has various enchantment stones from lvl 80 upto lvl 90. If you have any further questions regarding the characters or have a good price in mind please feel free to contact me, thanks!
    WTS: Lvl55 assassin nexus server(new eu server)
    WTS: Main aion toon, full 40e +10, insane1z1zThis will be straight C&P from my details of my account. Thank you for checking out my toon. This toon has FULL +10 ELITE pvp set with +10 weapon and PvP combine. Loads of kinah, also has the Linage 2 robes. This account comes with ALL perks and fresh game time until june! This toon is a monster if pvp is your thing. A monster if PVE is your thing... A lot of time has been invested in this avatar and as much as i loved it, it has to go. Wife and I have moved onto other games and looking to chip in on our stuff. Ive set the price to what i feel is a fair price. This isnt a 200$ character, if thats what your looking for please move on. This is a very prestigious account that has great value . Thanks Looking for $00$ might work with you, Might trade for WoW if added boot or equal value. Contact me via Shakoplz - Is my username for messenger Also have aim rarammstein
    WTS: Multiple 55 Aion Caracters - Verry Verry Good Gear1z1zWelcome, i Sell Aion (Multiple Caracters) Gladiator LvL 55 Templar LvL 55 Chanter LvL 55 Assasin LvL 55 Clerci LvL 55 at 2 of this im Original Owner and 1 Acc i Have Buyed with long time ago . i have full details for all + ncsoft email . the gears of caracters are awsome and verry verry good geared , also is to much to explain for everyone . if some1 is intersted buying a verry good caracter, please contact me at Disturbint@ to talk about price , show you photo with gear , kinah . price will be negociable ofcourse .
    WTS: sell kinah on perento-e, tele-as,spatalos-as1z1zhi, i have kinah on perento-elyos, telemachus-asmodian, spatalos-asmodian . a lot of stock on these servers .
    WTS: selling Aion accnt with 47 templar and many alts really cheap (active )1z1zaccnt is active for 28 more days, Has a 47 templar with decent gear and many other under 20 toons, kinah across all toons (including cash + items) is around 25=30m ... i am paypal verified and you will never get scammed by me..... i am selling it for really cheap..... my aim is = boshixanxicar
    WTS: Want to Sell 5x 55 Aion Caracters (Great Geared)1z1zHello. There are 2 Accounts First : - Assasin - Ranger - Templar Second : - Sorcc - Chanter - Caracters Gear : << Assasin >> Debilkarim’s Sword Siel’s Dominant Bow Debilkarim’s Dagger Armor +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Jerkin +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Leather Pauldrons +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Leather Leggings +15 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Leather Gloves +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Leather Shoes Accessories Jotun Worthy Hat Jeshuchi’s Necklace Zapiel’s Earrings Zapiel’s Earrings Guardian Centurion’s Garnet Ring Guardian Centurion’s Garnet Ring Anuhart Brigade General’s Leather Belt << Ranger >> Master Noble Nanyu Bow +10 Guardian Centurion’s Longbow +1 Guardian Centurion’s Jerkin +1 Miragent’s Leather Pauldrons +1 Expert Noble Firm Leather Leggings +1 Miragent’s Leather Gloves +1 Miragent’s Leather Shoes Accessories Forsaken Temple Helm Ancient Spirit’s Sapphire Necklace Oddwood’s Earrings Guardian Squad Leader’s Topaz Earrings Ancient Spirit’s Sapphire Ring Noah’s Tears << Templar >> +10 Stormwing’s Greatsword +7 Stormwing’s Azure Scale Sword +8 Stormwing’s Shield Armor +1 Miragent’s Breastplate +1 Miragent’s Plate Pauldrons +3 Stormwing’s Plate Greaves +2 Stormwing’s Gauntlets +2 Stormwing’s Plate Boots Accessories Beshmundir Templar Hairpin Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Necklace Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Guardian Tribunus’s Leather Belt << Sorcc >> Stormwing’s Jewel +5 Anuhart Elite’s Jewel Armor +12 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Tunic +12 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Pauldrons +12 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Leggings Stormwing’s Gloves +12 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Shoes Accessories Archon Primus Pilus’s Bandana Archon Primus Pilus’s Turquoise Necklace Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Earrings Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Earrings Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Ring Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Ring Archon Tribunus’s Belt << Chanter >> +11 Master Noble Korie Staff Ulagu’s Shield Armor +10 Elite Archon Centurion’s Mail +1 Master Carved Drenium Chain Pauldrons +1 Archon Primus Pilus’s Chain Greaves +1 Master Carved Drenium Chain Gloves +1 Master Carved Drenium Chain Boots Accessories Master Carved Drenium Chain Hood Archon Primus Pilus’s Corundum Necklace Archon Primus Pilus’s Corundum Earrings Ulagu’s Corundum Earrings Archon Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Archon Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Archon Centurion’s Leather Belt Contact E-mail adress : mictren@ , i show you the caracters and to talk about price .
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