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    Hi All:

    I started playing AGG back during EG3, and is now growing tired of this game with the non-stop playerup and uncreative cards. So due to that I've spend a small fortune playing so far, I would hate to see all the work I did to just disappear. So I would like to put it up for sale, only I don't know how. And please know that this post is anonymous because I dont want to cause a rift with people I know and are against me quitting.

    So I will just leave my account overview here, so if you are interested or know how to sell, please help me out, many thanks.

    Lvl 140 (rounded), 300 HP with 240/480 Spirit.

    Conquest stat: 199k+ HP, 130k+ Atk and Def

    40 Five stars in total. More to come in the next tower. Kaguya Hime, Yoto, Sagittarius [Fallen], Capricorn [Fallen], Sagittarius [Pure], Lunar Hare, Befana, Pazuzu, Ameno Ohabari, Canopus, Kenshin Uesugi [Summer], Kinnara [Nenbutsu], Susanno [Enraged], Carbuncle Garnet, Mephistopheles,Nataraja, Ameno Uzome [Focused], Arondight, Elixir of Life, Munenori Yagyu, Shotaru Fuma, Tennyo, Milky Way, Arko, Chiyome Mochizuki, Big Kite Zamashi, Minerva, Takemikazuchi, Dragon Princess [Halloween], Mizunotomi, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Geo Cindy, Hansel [Summer], Pipe Fox [Focused], Sasuke Sarutobi [Halloween], Satellite Cannon, Furiae, Tendo Hidari-uma and Amerterasu [In Hiding].

    Most are maxed but not all. This account will be availible for immediete sale post next Guild Conquest as I have agreed to help until then, price has not been established but feel free to make offers. And again, those that do know how to sell or are interested, please reply and help. Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.