Sold Aged 2015 empty Tumblr account

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    > Account created on: 2015
    > Do not include email access, remember to send me the email you want on the account and I will change it to yours.
    > Random amount of followers and postings, may be empty but most have activity
    > No followers and no posts
    > Account never used for spamming and never violated the site rules
    > Not boring username
    > Not f4f account
    > Created manually not automated account creation system
    > Account created under a South American IP (BR)
    > All sales are final, once delivered, no refund so be sure of your purchase!
    I'm not responsible for what happens after the purchase including suspended, locked, etc because it depends exclusively how you use it!
    Please do not use the accounts to harass and/or harm people.

    Payment Methods: through middleman


    Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Shopp @ageds4sale

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.