Age of Conan -8 Level 80's +1000Gold - Old veteran account

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    Ok, I have an account with i think at least 8 level 80's of which probably 4 of them are geared via Khitai and PvP gear. 1 is PvP 6, a PvP 5, and some PvP 3's if I remember correctly. There is around 1000G on the account. All of the PvP K/D are positive. For example you can search "Reveille" on aoc.yg and get an example of how I played. The other characters are just as well off if not better, I just played them less except for the HoX. List of the 80s are below if I didnt miss one. Priest of Mitra Herald of Xotli Tempest of Set Ranger Assassin Guardian Bear Shaman Conqueror Those are all level 80 and then there are some lowbies that could be deleted or leveled. The geared characters are the HoX, PoM, Ranger, Assassin, ToS with Khitai and PvP assorted gear. If you just want the gold, I can do that as well if the price is decent. Let me know, I will be glad to confirm more information and give screenshots of anything you wish. The Priest has the most attention, and also has a Tiger mount and most AA. The other geared ones have at least one max feat aa, and the HoX has a decent amount of AA, maybe 1/3 so far. Screenshots would be better for you to gauge, so let me know if you are interested, and which ones and I will be glad to give more information. I would also trade for a decent RIFT account.
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