Selling Account with minotaur, destroyer, arctica and moltanica

Discussion in 'Castle Clash Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Trantour, 5/18/17.

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    I want to sell my 170k might account for 250$ only. as I am nearly at end tier, its not very much fun anymore to play.

    I can also trade with the account that has destroyer. Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-56-34.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-56-40.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-57-00.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-57-04.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-57-08.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-57-13.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-57-17.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-54-50.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-55-16.png Screenshot_2017-05-14-07-55-05.png

    but straightly not going first.

    payment method google play card only.

    add me on line for pic. id: kopmama
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