Selling  Average Account over 3 years playing | M28 | L400+ Gems 7000+ | With new Mytic Kiki

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    After over 3 years playing i'm done with the game. Spent over $100,-
    I've got some nice combo possibillities for 'cigarette addicts'

    Below i have some screenshots as example of the legendary char cards
    And the 'Kiki' mythic card

    I have 26 mythics and 400+ Legendary cards

    Sorry for the "high risk" at my name. I insert the wrong password.

    Still playing so these stats will be higer

    Nixon Coins: 500.000
    Gems 3000+
    Super mythic stone: 45
    Mythic stone: 385
    Legendary stones: 4000+
    Character stone: 300
    Power stone: 650
    Greater epic stone: 7000+
    Research speed-up 1hour: 1034
    Research speed up 8hours: 972
    Research speed up 24hours: 84
    Golden turd: 4764
    Mastery stones: 15200
    Challange coins: 12.470
    VIP points: 15460
    Giggitywats: 6000+

    I'm busy making the list of cards

    Lv 7|Stewie
    Lv 6 |Bobby
    Lv 6|Leela
    Lv 5|Peter
    Lv 4|Hank
    Lv 4|Stan
    Lv 2|Bill
    Lv 1|Amy
    Lv 1|Bazooka sharks
    Lv 1|Bender
    Lv 1|Bob
    Lv 1|Boomhauer
    Lv 1|Film Sciccors
    Lv 1|Fry
    Lv 1|Gene
    Lv 1|Hypnotoad
    Lv 1|Joe Swanson
    Lv 1|Kiki
    Lv 1|Lois
    Lv 1|Louise
    Lv 1|Peggy
    Lv 1|Professor Farnsworth
    Lv 1|Roger
    Lvl 1|That's my parfait
    Lvl 1|Quagmire
    Lvl 1|Zapp Braniggan

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