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    Character 1: 8 Million Inventor. Assets: A ream of BPO's. He was an inventor and maker. Prod eff 5, all the relevant invention skills trained, but not to 5 of course. Consider him a bonus. Also: About 12 BILLION in finished product up for sale in Jita. Would guess 9-10 billion if sold slowly. Character 2: Inventor and PVP 20 million SP. Mostly smaller ships. Can fly Orca, Tengu and Providence. Only has t2 small autocannons. But is close to other t2 weapons. With the upcoming cruiser rebalance, it would be wise to "wait and see". + wallet (1 billion) + sec great standings. Caldari +6 unmodified. Oh. And 400 thousand Min LP for cashout. Another 2 billion in assets in highsec. Just post a reply here. I'll get an email and will reply. Will sell the account for $450 B/O or Best offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.