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    Account Info: Server: EU West lvl 30 Champs: 114 (ALL) Skins: 144 RP: 2 000 IP: 64 900 20 runpages and almost all useble runs Runes: Marks: 9 x flat armor 9x flat armor pen. 9x flat attack dmg 9x flat attack speed 9x flat magic pen. 9x flat magic/armor pen. Seals: 9 x flat attack preed 9x flat mana reg. 9x HP per lvl 9x Mana per lvl 9x Mana reg. per lvl 9x flat armor Glyphs: 9x flat AP 5x flat attack speed 1x crit chance 9x flat magic res. 9x flat mana 9x mana regen flat 9x AP per lvl 9x magic res, per lvl Quintessences: 3 x Flat HP 3x HP per lvl 3x flat armor pen. 3x flat AP 3x flat AD 3x flat crit. dmg 3x gold per sec. 3x flat magic pen. 3x flat MR 3x flat mana 3x movment speed 3x spellvamp Skins list: Foxfire Ahri Stinger and Crimson Akali Longhorn and Unchained Alistar Little Knight Amumu Noxus Hunter Anivia Prom Queen Annie Boom Boom Blitzkrank Cryocore Brand Sheriff Caitlyn Siren Cassiopeia Loch Ness and Jurasic Cho'Gath Hot Rod Corki Lord Darius Dark Valkyrie Diana Toxic and Executioner Dr. Mundo Deatch Blossom Elise Tango Evelynn Frosted Ezreal Spectral Fiddlesticks Fisherman Fizz Enchanted and Commando Galio Minutman and Sailor Gankplank Desert Trooper Garen Hillbily Gragas Reaper Hecarim Blast Zone Haimerdinger Nightblade and Aviator Irelia Tempest, Frost Queen i Victorious Janna Commando Jarvan IV Vandal Jax and Jaximus Full Metal Jayce Sakura i Traditional Karma Grim Reaper and Statue of Karthus Harbringer Kassadin Mercenary Katarina Judgment Kyle Keenen M.D. Mecha Kha'Zix Caterpillar and Monarch Kogmaw Prestigious LeBlanc Traditional and Dragon Fist Lee Sin Valkyrie Leona Commando Lux Shamrock, Coral Reef and Marble Malaphite Vizier i Djinn Malzahar Totemic and Festive (limited) Maokai Assasin and Chosen Master Yi Waterloo Miss Fortune Infernal Mordekaiser Exalted and Blackthorn Morgana Galactic Nasus Subterranean Nautilus Pharaon Nidalee Frozen Terror and Void Nocturne Grungy and Demolisher Nunu Glacial Olaf Gothic Orianna Perseus Pantheon Noxus and Blacksmith Poppy Froljord Rammus Outback and Bloodfury Renekton Redemed and Battle Bunny Riven Runble in the Jungle Uncle Ryze Sabretusk Sejuani Royal Shaco Surgeon and Frozen Shen Surfer and Mad Scientist Singed Barbarian and Lumberjack Sion Bandit Sivir Earthrune Skarner Arcade Sona Dryad Soraka Bilgewater Swain Crismon Elite Talon Emerald and Bloodstone Taric Recon, Astronaut (legendary) and Cottontail Teemo Deep Terror Thresh Buccanner Tristana Lil' Slugger Trundle Highland Tryndamere Musketeer Twisted Fate Gangster Twitch Black Belt and Primal Udyr Butcher and Battlecast Urgot Arclight Varus Vindicator Vayne White Mage, Leprechaun and Greybeard Vaigar Neon Strike Vi Vandal Vladimir Thunder Lord Volibear Feral and Tundra Hunter Warwick Volcanic Wukong Battlecast and Scorched Eartch Xerath Viscero and Winged Hussar Xin Zao Undertaker i Pentakill Yoric Shackblade Zed Major Ziggs Time Machine Zilean Wildfire Zyra Online skins list:

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    Payment by PayPal I want 420 $ / 320 euro
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