Account for sale with three characters, total 139 MSP. Main character

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    The account for sale has a main character with over 102 MSP, a primary PVP alt with 32 MSP and a secondary research/transport alt with 4.9MSP. The account is paid until mid December 2012. (Almost 8 months free playtime) All character names are non-offensive fairly neutral.
    All have positive/neutral security and faction standings. All wallets are positive. All come with ships, main has a Pirate Faction Nightmare BS, other ships mainly include transports and interceptors. Although wallets are positive isk can be added to the account at the rate of $15 a billion. (up to 40 billion) this toon has made some serious isk.
    All 3 toons have 5 level 4 research agents each (15 level 4 research agents active on the account), and each makes 100's of millions a month in data-cores, all toons have access to all man faction type research agents, all agents are in high sec! and almost all types of data-cores are available. The key feature is Hundreds of millions of passive isk coming in every month.
    The main character has 5 jump clones, the secondary has 4 clones and tertiary also has 4 clones. All clones are located in high sec.
    All reasonable offers considered for accounts and ISK, if this account is too highly priced please check one of the other 3 accounts advertised shortly.
    All other relevant details for the main character are as follows:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.