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    I am selling a Gamez aion (private server) Account. I verkaufe einen Gamez aion (private server) account. Info: Race/Rasse: Asmodian Characters/Charactere: 4 Premium: Yes Server: Siel Credits: 500 [If you want more info PM] [fuer mehr information PN] Characters/charactere: Ymode: GEAR: Xmode: GEAR: Pownedby: GEAR: Zmode: Level 41 chanter Not important account. Nur ein sub-account if you want SS tell me. Wenn ihr SS wolt sagt es mir. Other information Andere Information: Xmode - Leader of Legion 'Aesir' (Rank 319) Xmode - Anfuehrer des clan 'Aesir' (Rang 319) SS: I want to sell this account for: If moechte diesen acc verkaufen fuer: -1040 e*gold -40 euro -Higher offers are accepted Account warehouse: Account's bank: [Full Anuhart chanter gear (weapon and gloves in Zmode WH) and transformation stones.] Abyss ranks: Abyss rangs: Xmode: Rank 4 soldier Ymode: 1 star officer Pownedby: 2 star officer (ex army governor) Zmode: Rank 7 soldier -In all characters warehouse(s) are spare/old gear, 100 manastones (yellow) and kinah stored. -In der bank von jeden twink ist noch alte/uebrige ruessit drin, 100 manasteine (gelb) und sehr viel geld. I accept payments through PayPal. Ich acceptiere nur PayPal zum verkauf or get the account straight away: BUY ACCOUNT Oder kaufe dir den acc sofort: Kaufe ACCOUNT[/SIZE] Thanks, PM/Reply if you want this account Danke, Pn mich wenn ihr interesier seid. mfg
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