Selling  High End  1-24 Hours ABSOLUTE BEAST MYTHIC GOD

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    D9CE02CB-CEF0-47BC-B118-EAB2F361F7E5.jpeg 1D9AEF39-E0F3-46FC-B1E7-8FC3F38807C0.jpeg DFE960DB-6164-44FE-91C3-EBF686FFEA53.jpeg D27B8095-6807-4009-8E3C-FB9F1CD07A0D.jpeg 4F7B6274-1D46-4C65-9AB4-55FE17670EA8.jpeg FEFE0DA0-57D6-47DB-9175-52C116CEEA87.jpeg 50516ACC-78D9-45A8-B63B-921C9DE21E2B.jpeg 40B38092-A1C1-49FF-B4E7-088A610E5141.jpeg 27F22A71-9052-4552-B6E5-916E196C14DA.jpeg I’m proud to introduce my boyfriends
    mythic melee account!! Monster !!

    All screen shot are here if you need them this is a quick sale don’t miss out guys you won’t be disappointed!

    my Skype - Jess smith

    Full Melee Account lvl 38 ancestral

    Full mythic-legendry buff hiram set

    Full Divine Leather Erenor set .

    Nuia - Dwarf - Female

    Gold: 1,138,685 g

    All informations written down

    #Item list (not everything, but but most notable items):

    1,138,685 g < 1millon

    3064x loyalty token

    2296x Gilda Stars

    1129x Kyrios Badges

    3x login badges

    119x fisher king coin

    512x akash token

    430x manastorm

    and couple of other event coins

    and plenty of tempers chests from the last xmas event

    Immortal title - and plenty other titles



    Skywarden 38/38

    Skyemperor 34/35

    Sharpshifter 12/34

    Starda 10/29

    Tuskora 19/19

    Fashion Icon 10/47 ( But im sure its bugged because i have almost every single


    Full erenor leather divine t1 ( most of it at 40-50%+ to epic )


    necklace archeum evenight lvl14 ( og's power )

    flowless dream ring ( close in quest to hit the hiram ring )

    legendry radient ( ring and earring )

    full hiram leather 4 mythic 3 legendry with perfect stats

    almost full exalted ( infact has plenty of the scrolls like 2k or something )

    weapon legendry hiram glorious greataxe

    bow legendry hiram glorious

    flute epic hiram glorious


    - Permanent Personal Post Owl

    - Anywhere Warehouse

    2x beanstalk Designs

    1x Brich Treehouse Design

    4x full kited raised slate cottages

    1x storage silo desgin

    1x gazebo farm desgin

    1x Improved Stellar Pavilion Farm Kit

    1x Improved Lunar Pavilion Farm Kit

    every single workbunch that matters

    plenty of expensive decoration ( includes hero statue - red dragon statue - anthalon statue )

    and other decortions as well but not that important to mention.

    2x Expanded Otherworld Storage Chest


    14x non-upgraded speedboat

    11x timber coupe v3

    1x Upgraded Speedboat

    1x Lutesong junk (Legendry sails)

    1x Merchant schooner (epic sails)

    1x Red Rudolph Freighter Chroma

    1x Rampage Chroma GT

    1x wheel morter

    1x mad streambike (only for the cool kids)


    I have every single glider in the game except the kraken glider

    ravenspine ( broken af )

    sloth glider ( kraken glider imaged )

    cummles magithpoter

    eagle glider

    rocket wings


    cloak of heroism ( the supermen one )

    crystal wings

    dragon slayer's dragon (red dragon glider)

    stormduster 1000

    wings of immorality

    wings of protection

    wings of revegnge

    wings of terror

    astra wings

    twilight wings

    marauder glider


    dawnbreak glider

    flamefeather glider

    nightfire glider

    goblin glider

    glided royal glider

    moonshadow glider

    imperial jade wings

    loving ally's wings

    featherred hope

    cloudrun glider

    ezi's glider

    yin-yang wings

    pury ally's wings

    red dragon glider

    rose wings

    thunderbolt glider


    Got the collection 38/38






    emberpaw panther


    typhoon drake

    frost dragon

    pegasus white

    pegasus red

    pegasus blue

    cloudstrike panther

    gallant backtail leomorph

    gallant snowlion

    moonlight kitsu

    thunder dash

    brown reindeer

    celestial kitsu


    crimson lighting

    flaming soulscar

    freezing soulscar

    gwenoid vine gaint

    mirage bjrone

    moonfeather griffin

    nocturne griffin

    siegeram taurus


    steel lighting

    vanhi candy-fueled

    carrot dash

    earthen roar

    snowmane snowlion


    striped yata


    golden menticore



    tame seabug

    tamed ant

    tamed bat

    tamed bladewing

    tamed boar

    tamed crab

    tamed honey bee

    tamed jabberwock

    tamed jabberwock

    tamed mandrgora

    tamed owl

    tamed owlina

    tamed razorbeak

    tamed scorpion

    tamed skyfin

    tamed starfish

    tamed tsunami

    tamed turtle



    violet bloomfang


    shiba inu

    captured windlord



    sea turtle pet


    midnight kitsu

    kindled spirit

    moonsand fox

    tabby sabrefang



    dark tear witchcraft

    lordly iceraven robes

    griffin guard

    eclipse knight

    puppy onesie

    dragon cultist duster

    chimera agent uniform

    dread guard armor

    alabaster perinor

    dairy farmer chroma

    desert assassin plate

    devilish temptation

    doctor healgood

    elite shadow daru

    aurmancy disciple

    armored wavewyrm

    golden dawn

    homecoming ball attrive

    icekissed winter festival

    dread guard armor

    immportal guardian

    prisnoer's pride

    kraken house uniform

    kyrposa's winter furs

    legendry assassin

    lucky new year activewear

    naval service


    oathbound plate

    plauge doctor

    poinsettia winter festival

    pure sky dynasty

    reckless ravager's plate

    royal's disguise

    siege captian's mail

    summer nights swimwear

    tahyang's battle plate

    werefox robes

    bubblegum swimset

    scarlet mecha coveralls

    careless whisper raiment

    Yatas and such:

    rubbit queen suit

    winter yata

    true blue yata

    springsong greenman suit

    cheerberry yata costume

    fae yata chroma

    franken-yata costume

    blackjack yata costume


    owl post costume

    prince yateo chroma


    20k Gathering

    230k Alchemy

    197k Handicrafts

    10k Construction

    230k Commerce

    230k Leatherwork

    10k Husbandry

    230k Larceny

    10k Fishing

    10k Tailoring

    10k Machining

    10k Farming

    10k Weaponry

    30k Carpentry

    50k Exploration

    10k Logging

    Haranya Language: 10k

    please contact me ASAP on Skype ! With offers as this is a quick sale and I Guarantee it will go FAST !!! Good luck first come first serve ! Thanks Jess xxx

    My Skype - Jess smith
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