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    Selling Langrisser M Global account (end game)

    -Lv 70
    -Server: Carmen City
    -All factions playable (you will find a buffer and a decent team for any faction)
    -78 SSR units (34 are 6* 12 are 5* )
    -All SR and R units currently available in the game.
    -16+ skins (some of them are limited!)
    -Tons of SSR equipment and BIS. (over 200)
    -High level training fields, new soldiers unlocked.
    -A lot of SSR units have their bond maxed and class mastered.

    List of all Heros ( SSR) with Power and Stars:
    8K Power and 6 Star:
    Jugler,Elwin, Landius

    7K Power and 6 Star:
    Bozen, Hilda, Deedlit, Yulia, Rean,Leon, Rachel, Luna, Lana,
    Elwin, Altmuller, Betty, Arianrhod, Rozenciel, Rozalia, Ares, Kayura Bernhardt,
    Cherie, Licorice

    6K Power and 6 Star:
    Omega, Angelina, Tigris, Joshua, Zerida, Yusuke Urameshi, Liana, Gizarof

    And a lot of more good Heros with good EQ upload_2021-11-27_2-12-33.gif upload_2021-11-27_2-12-33.gif IMG-20211126-WA0010[1].jpg

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