95 Ranger 3.4KAA, 91 Shm 1.75KAA, 80 Enc 400AA all Xpac - AB (all xferable)

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    Ranger: 95, 3.4K AA, has dark elf mask. Full RoF T1 with T1 raid bracer. Max HS, amulet of necro, iksar mask, 2.0 orb and misc epic stuff in bag just have to complete quest. Shaman: 91 (40% into level), 1.75K AA, 2.0, froglok. Has iksar mask, lots of rof t1 stuff in bags for when hits level 92. Enchanter: 80 (80% into level), 400AA. Full Abstruse and HoT T1 gear. Ranger and Shaman have J5 merc (bloodbone, alaran, dragorn). Enchanter I can get J5 done. Account has about 400K in plat on it and in good standing. 1700 SC, 1k+ loyalty points left. Both Ranger and Shaman have LoTD AA for daily burns. I continue to play the account when I have free time and am aiming at hitting 92 on shaman and 1K AA on enchanter hopefully this week. Send me a PM with offer. As I'm made aware, these are the old spamsite threads. If that's the case, my old username was trader2006wow - feel free to check my rep. Thanks!
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