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    Well , long story short ... i`m playing Eve Online since 2005 , and now it`s time to move on and i`m trying to get something for the time i put in this game :)

    - i`m the first owner of the character , i have never been involved in RMT or something to bring attention to CCP
    - PERFECT scanning skills , all scanning skills lvl 5 = smooth and fast exploration / pvp hunting .
    - it`s a perfect subcapital pilot , ALL racial BS / cruiser / frigate lvl 5 , BC and some of t2 ships to lvl 5 as well , ALL t2 guns / missiles for all sizes , ALL T2 drones , great electronics / engineering / other support skills you could think of . Adter the supercap nerf , this kind of pilots is very appreciated and rare :)
    - At this moment i`m training leadership skills , he has all boosting important skills at lvl 5 , and currently training secondary to lvl 4
    - one available remap to switch back to whatever skill planning you might want .
    - this character is prolly in top 1000 pvp skilled characters in the New Eden , it also have a 10:1 killmail raport if that means anything to you
    - security status +5
    - The price i put is not what i am looking for , i am looking to see some offers first . It will go fairly cheap , price to be discussed on ym / aim , after i show you full skill list and stuff .

    here is a ss with skill categories taken before i made the thread

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    This kind of pilots are very hard to find , top pvp pilots are VERY hard to find for sale because :
    - there are just a few for sale in the first place
    - the vast majority of big pvp pilots for sale are sold in the alliance / corp to keep the strenght intact
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.