Selling  Android and iOS  High End 912k box cc 287+ gems

Discussion in 'Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Cowan820, 6/6/20.

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    Hey folks selling my alt account has literally every character in the game right now besides blue matrona Diane and it’s sitting at 912k cc for the box and a overall team CC of 134k. Full LB blue demon meli escanor with 3/6 ultimate dupes lvl 75 and much more. Also has close to 300 stones and 40 waiting to be claimed once you hit level 70. If interested contact me on discord @ DarthRagnar#1393 or email [email protected]. Also feel free to email me offers I’m intent on sticking to 150 as much as possible but I’m willing to go with some wiggle room if someone is really interested.

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