Sold $900 Worth Of Mtx, Including Phoenix Supporter Pack (Unobtainable, $480), Total Of 4 Supporter Packs

Discussion in 'Path of Exile Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by DonutsAndFire, 2/26/18.

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    I want to sell my Path of Exile Account which I spent about $900 on. It has some unobtainable skins, including the discontinued $480 Phoenix Supporter skins. Look at the images below for all skins.

    The characters on this account are all old and on the Standard server. I think the most notable item is Skyforth, back when I actively played (last during the Breach league) all items together were worth about 70 - 100 Exalts, but I am not sure how the prices of those items are nowadays.
    All characters have access to free talent respecs. So you can start right away with whatever build you want.

    I got 15 premium stash tabs, inlcuding 3 quad ones. I also own 1 currency tab, 1 divination card tab and 1 essence tab.
    This account got everything that you need to have a lot of fun in Path of Exile, you might even be able to transfer the microtransactions to a different account, but I don't guarantee that.

    Upon purchasing this account you will receive the login to this account, as well as to the email used.

    Below are screenshots of my skins and characters.


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