86 heroes, 77 skins (including very rare limited skins, see thread), s1 gold, s2 gold

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    10 rune pages full of runes 86 heroes and 7000+ ip to buy a new one Blue name on forums + Adjudicator title & avatar* All Halloween 2012 Summoner icons (including $70 icon) Season 1 gold icon Season 2 gold icon + gold profile banner + gold loading screen border* Season 2 championship icon New 10-games-in-season-3 icons Nurse Akali Black Alistar (Very rare, Limited edition for pre-ordering the game)* Re-Gifted Amumu (Limited Edition) Hextech Anivia Goth Annie (Only available from Digital Collector's Pack)* Queen Ashe Definitely Not Blitzcrank (Limited Edition)* Apocalyptic Brand Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Officer Caitlyn Nightmare Cho'Gath (Legacy) Loch Ness Cho'Gath UFO Corki (Rare, Limited edition for playing before 2010, never in stores)* Rageborn Mundo Soul Reaver Draven Death Blossom Elise Masquerade Evelynn (Legacy) Frost Ezreal Bandito Fiddlesticks Enchanted Galio Commando Garen Nightblade Irelia Victorious Janna (Season 2 gold reward, never in stores)* Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Victorious Jarvan IV (Season 1 gold reward, never in stores)* Jaximus Grim Reaper Karthus Harbinger Kassadin Judgment Kayle Doctor Kennen Mecha Khazix Prestigious LeBlanc Traditional Lee Sin Spell Thief Lux Shamrock Malphite (Legacy) Overlord Malzahar Charred Maokai Totemic Maokai Assassin Master Yi Samurai Master Yi Lord Mordekaiser Exiled Morgana Riot Nasus (Limited Edition)* Pharaoh Nidalee Witch Nidalee (Limited edition)* Void Nocturne Eternum Nocturne (Legendary)* Sasquatch Nunu (Legacy) Glacial Olaf Sewn Chaos Orianna Full Metal Pantheon Battle Regalia Poppy King Rammus (Extremely rare, Early closed beta tester skin, never in stores)* Galactic Renekton Championship Riven (Very Limited Edition, Season 2 Championship skin)* Royal Shaco Yellow Jacket Shen (Legacy, aka Scorpion Shen) Ironscale Shyvana Boneclaw Shyvana Riot Singed (Limited Edition)* Barbarion Sion PAX Sivir (Rare limited edition from PAX, never in stores)* Earthrune Skarner Muse Sona Northern Front Swain Super Teemo Riot Girl Tristana (free facebook skin) Rocket Girl Tristana Demonblade Tryndamere (Legendary)* Kingpin Twitch (Legacy) Butcher Urgot (Legacy) Dragonslayer Vayne Count Vladimir Volcanic Wukong Battlecast Xerath Viscero Xin Zhao Groovy Zilean **~$700 value** $600 in purchaseable skins alone + rare, unpurchaseable limited skins & other bonuses Current offer: $300 - - - Updated - - - If you want to know why i am selling, it's because I quit LoL for DotA 2.
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