80x1 DRG 75x7 RNG THF PLD COR BRD SAMMiddleman Seller Guide

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    x1 80 DRG


    Account has ruinic key, CoP ToAU medal of altana pretty much everything but bahav2 access.

    lots of nyzul 100 weaponskills etc

    plenty of merits and all that... DRG merits pretty good combat is maxed out 8/8 polearm 4/4 crit rate 5/5 str and thats just drg... more info can be attained on request.

    Clean reputation, server transfer is down however brand new reputation on a absolutely clean server.

    Im not the origional owner but i should have the origional key code saved.

    Oh and the gears pretty good too, such as the following...

    Love torque

    Justice Torque

    Assassins armlets (TH4)

    homam legs/hands

    aurum boots

    askar body

    wyrm belt

    aces helm

    Stribog 448 (half way done)

    succiro kurki

    Buccaneers belt

    Fay Gendawa (+3 str +9 RNG attack +5% wepskill dmg)

    Delta Earring

    Brutal Earring

    Healer NPC

    Byakkos Haidate

    Lots of MISC relic such as cor hat/body etc

    misc campaign gear such as cobra mittens and other stuff i dont remember off hand

    Jalzhans ring


    moldy earring

    Askar head

    4th division schoss

    Misc Bard gear

    Bard relic cape

    RNG relic legs/boots


    PLD relic body


    jelly ring

    patronus ring

    Luzafs ring

    both samurai meditation macro items


    And lots lots more!

    500-600 beastman seals

    400-500 kindred seals laying around all over

    36k imperial standing

    720k gil

    1 mil or so in misc sellabls

    lots and lots of ammo (cor cards, tools, arrows and bullets for both cor and rng)

    I am not the savvyist person when it comes to screenshots, heres some example stuff, anything more and ill need to show in game or what not but heres a base example.

    Also, this is mearly 2 jobs... Each job has complete sets of gear, they are all operational and none of them are retired.

    Btw, i also forgot to mention that the account is also 70 woodworking and 29 cooking skill.

    Other misc info includes that the majority of all subjobs are already set for level 99 cap. and alot of jobs that are non 75+ are pretty high... MNK:67 NIN: 63 dnc: 55
    Also, on a sidenote this account also has ACP RNG body with rng acc/attk and the champions galea from a moogle kupo detate with WS aug (15 WS Acc 2% WS DMG etc)
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