80 Ranger, pvp server Doomsayer + 6 other toons all on 1 account

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    Account has the following for all toons; drinking cape, mammoth mount(+mammoth charge and mammoth sweep), mammoth bag, Totem of Origins(from PC magazine). Level 80 Ranger: T5 Armorsmith, Master Gemcutter(great way to make gold!). Is part of a great guild, with high amount of DKP. I'm not that well known in the guild, I never used Vent so you can "assume" my identity and DKP points smile I have around a 1100 to 400 K/D ratio which will benefit you in the upcoming PvP patch. With my set expertise and the gemmed suit below any non-Guardian should be cake to drop. Guardian is tough but not impossible with the suit. Weapons: Cusp of the Heavens(Level 80 Epic Bow), Fingers of Frozen Soul(Level 80 Epic Arrows), Sting of the Venom Brood(Level 80 Epic crossbow), Bloodblight Bolts(Level 80 Blue Bolts), Ornvynth's Bane(Level 80 Blue Sword), Spellscourage(Level 80 Blue Shield). Armor: Level 75 Cloak w/ 3x7.9 bow damage gems level 75 ring w/ 3x7.9 bow damage level 75 ring w/ 3x7.9 bow damage level 75 necklace w/3x 8.8 bow damage gems level 75 shoulders w/ 3x7.9 bow damage gems level 75 wrists w/ 3x6.2 bow damage gems level 75 gloves w/ 3x 6.0 bow damage gems level 75 shoes w/ 3x6.0 bow damage gems. On top of this gear listed I have a FULL blue set of armor for the Ranger(cloak, 2 rings, necklace, shoulders, wrists, gloves, helmet, chest, l, boots). That's +175.8 Bow Dmg modifier on top of the DPS from the arrows, level of toon, bow, procs, and expterise. In the Bank: 107 GOLD white mounted horse 3 unbound level 80 epic weapons; Opus of Mystical Consonance Tailsman (worth about 7G), Black Cragfall 1-handed blunt (worth about 15G), Age of Five Mercies Shield (worth about 50G). A non-bound level 80 cloak w/ 3x8.8 bow damage gems. 3 8.9(blue cut) bow damage gems TONS of buff food, level 75-80 looted food and level 70-80 alchemist crafted food. Various jewelry and armor that offers different protection for different types of damage(PvE). I also have a capped inventory of resources, stacks of 100 and some stacks of 50. I have varying amounts of all the rare resources such as platinum, adamant, tin, black silver, illustrium, etc. At least 1 of each kind and average of about 6 of each. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 21 Assassin: This guy was my gem holder and there are probably around 100 different types of gems and different cuts on this toon. Too many to list, but EASILY another 50g in gems on this toon. Level 31 Guardian: Started leveling this toon. He's level 31 and has all quests still open except for Wild Lands which have been completed. Level 25 Ranger: This was my Tortage ganking toon. He has a full set of lvl 23-25 blue gear, blue bow and blue arrows. Fun to hit Tortage for some PvP when the Real World is lacking. The following toons don't have anything special, just their levels. Level 17 – Herald of Xolti Level 23 – Demonologist Level 23 – Tempest of Set Please PM me or email me with any questions. Please make your offer in PM's. Thanks!
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