80 Barb, Sin, and Necro

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    Hey all looking to sell my acct, as I am going to Aion. All characters are on the Tyranny Server, and no bad rep. The account is early access, mammoth, mammoth bag, talisman of clarity, and firework enabled. There is roughly 102 gold and w/e silver I have. Inventories have of blue gear for all levels weapons and gems. The gemcutter character has 2 or 3 of the new recipes, I'm not sure. 80 Barbarian - T2, helmet, bracers, pants. T1, Shoulders, Boots, Belt, 2 handed axe, 1 handed quest reward from BRC, 1 handed blunt reward from BRC, and is Tier 3 Raiding ready. Has all gear for pvp 1-3 on him. Maxed out Gemcutting and Weaponsmith. Currently has the Optimus Prime Superbuild, that is a great pvp build till the next patch. (credit to Pleasuremann.) 80 Necromancer - T2, pants. T1, Chest, Belt, Helm, all the rest blues, PVP 1 gear bought. BRC ready. Architect. 80 Assassin- T1, belt, shoulders. All pvp 2 gear bought. Max Alchemist, Gemcutter. BRC ready. Has purple reward dagger, and the jagged cut, nonexistent now. 59 Dark Templar - This toon was my level 50 choice. Has blues, and is maxed out armorsmith/gathering for its level. 39 Barbarian - pure lowbie pvp toon, as I love barbs and didn't pvp with mine the first time around. 54 Tempest of Set - (YG hasnt updated it lately) There are 2 slots left for creation on this account as well as a level 12 guardian I neglected and treated as the red-headed step child (LOL). I am the Original Owner of the account, log in screen can be found here. I am looking for the best offer which can be emailed to me at [email protected] or can be posted here or in a PM.
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