75.5mil SP, 16.7 BIL isk, Original owner! 24x HG pirate implant, +5s & 4x Pashan's Flies Everything

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    Amazing character. 75.5mil SP PLUS 2.1mil unallocated skill points ready to be assigned. 16.7 billion liquid isk. Estimated 10bil isk in assets. Flies nearly everything. Epic missle and gunnery skills, this character tops killmails. Remap available, so no problem changing the training program to anything you want right away!

    I'm the original owner, so zero hassle after puchasing the account, I want to make this as smooth as possible for both of us.

    All assets and jump clones in empire space, meaning you won't be locked out of anything the character owns. Loaded jump clones, 2x full HG slave sets, 1x HG Crystal set, 1x HG snake set (all with HG omegas), 4x Pashan's turret implants, Ogdin's tracking link and 14x 5% hardwirings, a +5 set for super training speed and a +3 set for 0.0 incursions. This character has maxed implants and maxed skills for any situation. It doesn't get better than this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.