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    HK Shop Gems
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    ** Only for IOS User
    1. All The Gems Are Legit. No Hack Gems Guarantee.
    Lifetime Guarentee. 100% Money Back Guarentee.

    2. Refund method be not used, so your account WILL BE 100% SAFE!

    3. After, During and Before the top up process we need you:
    - Give us your account information (user & password or code if needed);
    - For Android user, please link up to your Apple Gamecenter ID before making purchase.
    - Turn of two-step verification;
    - Please do not reload the game;
    - You can change password after the process is finished.

    4. For faster response contact me at:
    WeChat ----> hkshopgems

    5. All trade must go through

    6. Random bonus linari 0 - 1k
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