Selling  Android and iOS 700+ 46000+ bait account

Discussion in 'Bit Heroes Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Hippowarn, 6/21/22.

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    Im selling my lvl 700+ Withcum bait account, its not full stacked T18, thats why I only have 46000 TS. Im selling it for $400, reason why its so low is because the ancients have not been uptiered. But with everything uptiered to T18 it will be well over 50000+ TS. Just need to uptier neck, body and ring piece. Element is T16 and can be reforged into T17 i just dont have the mats. Everything else about this account is great though, can tank in new World Boss and also bait. Im gonna be adding pictured and let me know if you wanna see anything more. I would love to uptier everything its just not in my priority list right now and i would hate to see this whale account lose its value in the next tier. Accepting paypal. IMG_2142.jpg IMG_2140.jpg IMG_2141.jpg IMG_2143.jpg IMG_2144.jpg IMG_2145.jpg IMG_2146.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.