Selling  Android and iOS  High End 70+ Level, 4650+ Team Power Pro Account

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    The Account has 70+ Level, 4650+ Team Power and with the capacity to play comfortably in top 100 alliances.

    There are other people I have already discussed for this account. If you don't want to miss this affordable account, you should hurry.

    If the price is good for you, please feel free to contact. I can share long video or screenshot of account.
    You should do this favor to yourself!! ;)

    Ps: I am open to use middleman but commission should pay by buyer.

    - Maxed Heroes:
    21 Maxed 5* Heroes: Mitsuko (Talent 19), Yunan (Talent 19), Drake Fong (Talent 19), Vela (Talent 18), Hel (Talent 19), Freya, Sargasso, Sartana, Grazul (Talent 18), Marjana (Talent 14), Zimkitha, Aegir (Talent 14), Frida, King Arthur, Isarnia, Kadilen (with maxed costume), Tarlak, Elkanen, Guardian Owl, Obakan, Leonidas.

    5 pcs 3/70 5* Heroes: Frida, Quintus, Khagan, Richard, Elena.

    26 Maxed 4* Heroes: Tiburtus (Talent 7), Melendor, Hu Tao, Kashhrek, Scarlett, Li Xiu, Grimm, Chao, Colen, Caedmon, Sonya, Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Sir Lancelot, Peters, Merlin, Hansel, Kiril, Guardian Falcon, Gafar, Cheshire Cat, Captain of Diamonds, Proteus, Triton, Wilbur, Rigard.

    Untouched 5* Heroes: Grazul, Zimkitha, Sartana, Thorne x4, Khagan, Obakan, Isarni x2, Richard x3, Marjana, Elena, Leonidas.

    and too many maxed 3* heroes

    - Costumes: Kadilen, Rigard, Tiburtus, Melendor, Hawkmoon, ...

    - Troops: Mana and critic
    First troops set 25-26 Level,
    Second troops set 8-9 Level
    5 pieces of all colors 4* troops

    - Ascension Materials:
    4* Mats: Damascus Blade x5, Farsight Telescope x5, Mysterious Tonic x4, Mystic Rings x8, Poison Darts x15, Royal Tabard x9, Tome of Tactics x15.
    3* Mats: More then 60-70 each.

    - Emblems:
    Barbarian 1354
    Cleric 142
    Druid 103
    Fighter 116
    Monk 30
    Paladin 355
    Ranger 1167
    Rogue 158
    Sorcerer 112
    Wizard 127
    Reset Emblems 23

    - Too many craft and battle items.

    - New Buildings: Stronghold is 24. Third advanced buildings are in progress.

    - All training camps are working full capacity and 6k ready-made feeds on training camps of levels 2 and 11.