Selling  7+m GP   Android and iOS  Original Owner (Yes) 7.4 million GP, 5 GL, relic 9 Obi Wan

Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by Nerfherder93, 1/8/22.

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    Selling my personal account, put alot of hard work into it, it has 5 GL. I need to step away as it's taking up too much time and need the money for school. All GL have thier ultimates

    -Jedi Master Obi Wan - relic 9, maxed mods for speed, one of the fastest Kenobis

    -Rey - relic 8

    -SLKR - relic 8

    Jedi Master Luke - relic 8

    -SEE relic 8

    -Commander Ashoka Tano - relic 8

    -GAS relic 8

    -Executor unlocked.

    - Razer Crest unlocked and upgraded and done

    -2000 crystals available when purchased

    -Wat, Relic 6

    -Ki Adi Mundi relic 7

    -Beskar Mando unlocked - relic 8

    - Maul unlocked

    - Boba Fett will be unlocked after conquest is over

    Looking for $800
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