6 Month Subscription Lv80s AOC Acct

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    US Server Characters: Lv80 Bear Shaman (Khemi) Lv50 DT (Wicanna) Lv34 Demo (Wicanna) Plus another 30 offline levels to spend on any of those characters - so basically I have 2 levels 80's. It also has all the equipment, gold, etc on all the characters. Plus 77 Vet. Tokens to buy teleports, or whatever you like (Large breasts is already purchased for the shaman). None of the characters have taken a crafting profession yet - so your free to choose your own. Very important when finding recipes during raids for alot of people. The best part - this account still has 6 months active play time on it! (currently ticking down - so sooner it's sold - more playtime left on it!). Expires in 2011. The beauty of this account is all the heavy lifting is done for you (ie: the level grinding to 80), Now you get to take over, and make your own PvP record (none of these characters have PvP), you don't have to live with someone elses mistakes. You also get to choose your own crafting professions, decide what you want to do, not try to find a character with the stuff you want. Also, not everything is done for you here, so you still get alot of playability out of the classes, be it raiding, or learning your AA's, basically all the high level fun stuff you get to do without having to deal with any of the low level crap =) First person to give me 100$ via verified paypal gets the account. Which is a steal considering 6 months of subscription time costs damn near 70 bucks by itself! Getting the account almost free! Don't miss out! Screenies:
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