Selling  300+k Might  Android 552K (38K Gems) - All Devo Epics (Dyna, Zeph, etc) And MUCH more (Almost All Heroes In The Game)

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    552K Might with 52K gems. (Android)

    Please Scroll Down To See a description of the account and how to contact me to purchase.

    Please Message me through any of the methods listed at the bottom if you would like Screenshots of the account or have any questions.

    Every single hero in the Altar is Double Evolved, with a large number at breakthrough 20+. Almost every single hero's skin is unlocked. Many heroes have custom builds to suit them. Every single epic hero has been obtained and double evolved (Including Dynamica) minus the latest two introduced in February 2021. Every single legendary hero has also been obtained (including newer ones) minus about 4 insignificant heroes. All of these heroes are double evolved.

    WAREHOUSE - The warehouse is full of every material you could ever need, and could sustain you for years. Tens of thousands of tomes, multiple thousands of mastery essences for hero skill levels, over 2K Karmic rocks, 58 event coins, tens of millions of blue and red crystals, 2516 LVL 5 Talent boxes, well over 1400 talent runes, and copious amounts of every other resource you could ever need.

    Overall, this account is an absolute beast. Have put a ton of work into it and can't wait to see someone get some enjoyment out of it.

    To Buy, please contact me through any of the methods listed. The preferred method is PayPal, though I am open to discussing other options. -

    Discord - CoreolisEffect#6306
    Instagram - criesofeternity
    Gmail - [email protected]
    Snapchat - crysofeternity
    Twitter - @Coreolis4

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