55 PvP Geared cleric perento elyos + altsMiddleman Seller Guide

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    hello. first of all i wanna say i might keep the account if there are no high enough offers or if i just feel like staying. on the account i have a 55 cleric, 55 sin, 42 sm, 37 glad, 31 sorc, and a few more lowbies, on perento elyos. i also have an 39 glad (supposed to be 40 twink) with 33 gold noble expert boots and guants, 25 blue ap +10 chest and l, ft pauldrons and White Flame Spear +10 (krom extend) merged with 35 gold crafted 16% atk speed. The cleric have; SETS: 30e cloth set +10, fully socketed magic boost +23 40e chain 3/5 (chest, l, boots) +10 with +12 MagRes socketed, and 55 gold chain pauldrons +8 and 55 eternal cloth gloves +1, both fully +14 MagRes. 3/5 55 Cond2 chain eternal arena gear, (Chest +9, gloves with cast time +5, pauldrons +1) all fully socketed +95 hp. Also have one 50e cloth part, +4 and socketed 4/6 MagBoost +27 and 2/6 MagAcc+14 WEAP: Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Staff +10, socketed 6/6 +14 MagAcc, merged with 55 eternal Cond2 staff socketed 5/5 with MagBoost +22, with a slow godstone (2/3 general quest) Debilkarim's Hammer socketed 5/5 MagRes +12, and Cond2 arena shield socketed 2/5 MagRes +14. Accesories: Elegant Corundum Glasses, x2 Gold 55 ap earrings, Gold 55 ap necklace, Gold 55 ap ring, Anurati's Turqouise Ring, Eternal 55 ap belt. Stigmas: Full DPS tree, (Call Lightning) and half heal tree. (Ripple of purification) also all the good normal stigmas. Stats: 30E MB set with staff: 2443 MagBoost. 1590 MagAcc. 9081 HP. 78 Crit spell. 178 Strike Resist. 40e/55 with staff: 1629 MagBoost. 1563 MagAcc. 8844 HP. 78 Crit spell. 148 Strike Resist. 1843 MagRes. 40e/55 with mace/shield: 1082 MagBoost. 1328 MagAcc. 8938 HP. 78 Crit Spell. 148 Strike Resist. 1971 MagRes. The Assassin have; Set: Full 30e +10, all socketd crit+13/atk+4 3/5 50e +1 (Chest 6/6 Atk +5, Gloves 6/6 +5 Atk, Pauldrons 6/6 Atk +3) Weapon: Black heart dagger +10, 4/4 Atk +5, with silence godstone, Triroan's sword +8, 4/4 Atk +3, poison godstone (good for QD, cover silence/blind). WEAPONS EXTEND. Accsesories: Jotun Worthy hat, Kysis Diamond Necklace, Vorpal Corundum Earring, Krotan Diamond Earring. x2 30 gold ap rings, 55 gold ap belt. Stigmas: Full Quickening Doom tree, and all of the good normal stigmas. Stats: 30E set: 450 Attack. 562 Crit. 8263 hp. 1779 Accuracy.without ANY buffs, and extend weapons. 3/5 50e: 467 Attack. 441 Crit, 7897 HP. 1779 Accuracy. (same as above) Other account stuff: Assassin is 322 Essencetapping, 418 Aethertapping, 448 Tailoring, 399 alchemy. 16 month veteran reward, loads of major crowns to take, for new/low chars. (only used on sin and cleric) No banns or any problems on the account. I will only sell it to someone who will change name on ATLEAST the assassin and cleric. (preferably on the 37 perento gladi aswel) Cleric char have a plastic surgery ticket on WH. (changes character looks) I am first account owner. Hovering Motion on cleric, looks awesome , Currently not much kinah, but its rising everyday, and ive got loads of stuffs to sell in WH. PM me offers or leave it in the thread.
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