55 Gladiator full PVP / Kromede Elyos

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    First of all, hey guys I decided to sell my lovely account and hope for good offers: ARMOR: All of the Parts of the armor are socketed with Accurary +25 except of the Greaves, they are socketed with crit +15. WEAPON: The pole is full Attack +5 socketed and got the silence godstone on it, as you can see, every part is enchanted on +10 and higher. ACCESSOIRS AND SKINS: You got the full 50 pvp accessories. There also is a PVE accessories set in pet. You got the rare Beshmundir temple wings (stormwing). This Gladiator got the most rarest skins on the armor they are in game. like the abysssplinter plate helmet (looks like a wolfhead) and the full eso-skinset in white. There is a Hat Collection in warehouse as well (pretty rare hats. you only can get them from daily surveys) STIGMAS: I played only PVP so the stigma's are perfect for it. But you will have the PVE stigmatree in warehouse. OTHER: if you like Pets you will love this Account, cause i got several kinds of them. like 3 pets with warehouse and the rare Eso pet, that give's you potts and food. I just got 2-7mil of kinah (round about, i dont know exactly cause i wasnt online since 2 month's) cause of the enchanting but there are like 50-80k AP in warehouse/pet and 20k AP on char. Its not much but well. There are 80 platinum medals on storage. The acc exist since begin of last year. - Before i forget, you got the best crit food in storage so you always are on crit cap and the best heal-pots + mana-pots + abyss-pots + flightscrolls + running-speed scrolls + attack-speed scrolls OTHER CHARS: There is a 54 ranger but got no armor A 29 sorcerer with full goldarmor and +10 book (just for fun ) and several lowchars conclusion: If you like PVP you will rock with it (even for PVE the armor is enough except you are maintank, as a DD its perfect cause the raremobs dont evade your skills cause of the accurary) I hope for good offers, hf If you got question about the Acc just private msg me - steve PS: no trade, just sell bump
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.