50 Sorc Asmo/Ariel : 36 Sorc 33 Glad 31 Sin Elyos/Fregion

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    Hi, I'm looking to sell my Aion account. Asmo/Ariel: 50 Sorc (main char) Elyos/Fregion: 36 Sorc (sweet rift char) 33 Glad 31 Sin As soon as I played a sorc I knew I would never go back to playing another char, so my main chars are both sorcs. I think you will agree if you play one! I have got my asmo sorc to level 50, however I don't have time to play the game enough to really be competitive anymore, that's why I played the rift char when I had free time. He's got good gear for a level 36 and rifting is a lot of fun. All the chars are designed very tastefully, except maybe the Sin... he was my first char and has a big nose and looks kind of fruity. I didn't realize that all the gear you'd be wearing in Aion would add to the metrosexualness of your character. The account doesn't have a lot of kinah but it DOES have about 35 mil worth of gold items, godstones, manastones etc. in the vault which you can broker for fast cash. If you are interested you can email [email protected] or AIM gradgragaine I will send you the char names so you can look them up on aiononline as i'd rather not post them in public. Cheers!
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