Selling 50 PLD Shiva [EU-Non Legacy]

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    50 PLD Shiva [EU-Non Legacy]
    Equip: Nearly complete Blacklight-Set [ilvl 70 Set] + Head [ilvl 90 Set] + Garuda Weapon [ilvl70 Weapon] + ilvl 60 Chest and 1 Ring + ilvl 43 Schild.
    The character is perfectly equipped to raid in any dungeon you want to. He has, however, only unlocked the hardmodes to Titan HM so far. His Relic quest still needs him to lay Garuda.
    The character additionaly has:
    Philosophy Points: 433
    Mythology Points: 689
    Gil: ~24k
    Grand Company points: ~ 9k
    He actually has the highest possible ranking on the Grand Company of Ul'dah.

    Additionaly to his main Class he is a lvl 50 Blacksmith and miner which allows you to gather gil and dosomecrafting. His control and Craftsmanship allows him to nearly produce everything there is as a blacksmith. (Cs: 291 Ctrl: 263).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.