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    5 Blaze of Battle accounts all in kingdom 36 - 3 alts, 1 farm, 1 farm/bank (shown below as "bank"):

    Main - civic center level 21
    - player level 56
    - VIP level 39
    - dragon level 56 (with Nightshade skin)
    - 108 million force
    - 74 thousand available gems
    - mass produces: WOOD (21:1:1:1 method)*

    Alt 1 - civic center level 16
    - player level 47
    - VIP level 36
    - dragon level 50
    - 20 million force
    - 6 thousand available gems
    - mass produces: STONE (21:1:1:1 method)*

    Alt 2 - civic center level 15
    - player level 46
    - VIP level 29
    - dragon level 49
    - 20 million force
    - mass produces: IRON (21:1:1:1 method)*

    Farm - civic center level 13
    - player level 44
    - VIP level 28
    - dragon level 48
    - 5 million force
    - 16 thousand available gems
    - mass produces: FOOD (21:1:1:1 method)*

    Bank** - civic center level 11
    - player level 39
    - VIP level 27
    - dragon level 43
    - 1.5 million force
    - 21 thousand available gems
    - mass produces: FOOD (21:1:1:1 method)*

    *If you are unfamiliar with the 21:1:1:1 method, I can explain it to you. You should also be able to ask a more experienced player about it or look it up online.
    **This farm doubles as a bank; it currently contains hundreds of millions of resources.

    As well as mass producing a specific resource, each account has a minimum of 6-8 houses to produce gold. All accounts have both building queues and research queues unlocked, and all except for the bank have special avatar selections that came with previous packs.

    Obviously the main account still has a long way to go force-wise, and it's alternates could be at a higher force for their civic center levels, but that's exactly why I want to sell them. I don't have the time nor the resources to maintain these accounts and bring them to their full potential. They need an active player with minimal distractions.

    Any gem counts listed might be more than they are after your purchase (only for the sake of purchasing 5-day shields if there currently aren't any). Any accounts listed that don't include a gem count have less than 5 thousand and therefore it's just too low in my opinion to list.

    If you are interested in purchasing all 5 of these accounts, please click the button above. If you have any questions before moving forward, feel free to reach out through here or through LINE. The purchase will only be made through here and the options I made available, DO NOT ask to purchase these accounts through an outside method.
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