Selling  5.5m-6m GP  150-200 7*  Android and iOS 5.6M, Super Hoarded account. Top 1 arenas Daily, Ultimate SLKR. 7* Neg & malevolence. God Mods.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by Kemosabe, 8/1/20 at 10:02 AM.

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    Great account with hoarded gear and 30k crystals. Saved zeta mats + ship arena currency enough to apply zeta almost 30 times. 200k GET1 currency guarantees 7* unlocks if Malak type characters come. Both Malevolence and Negotiator are 7* and a bit of GET2 also stored. Jedi Luke is also unlocked. All the characters required for Rey GL are 7*, only gearing is needed. Super mods, fastest speed secondary +29 square. Fastest set 158 + 10% speed set. (For exemple on Darth Revan = 349 speed) Ez solo Sith raids with SLKR. Tons of other gear now shown on photos (g12, g12+, g12 finishers) and thousands upon thousands of salvageable gear for relicing toons.

    Has only been used on Android, should be able to bridged to IOS if done before the next update. Payout has never been changed so it can be changed. At this payout nobody contests Rank 1 on either arena.