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    Okay been playing since early release but it no longer holds my attention. Not that its a bad thing, I played wow for 8 months and just lost intrest as well. Guess I just get tired of the mmo gameplay easily. Also playing off the bat let me take some pretty cool names. The main bh is gangsta but also have about 6 name holders for toons such as android and deceit Anyways account still has 20 days left on it as of today (23rd). Bounth Hunter - Mercenary PVP server Arsenal tree 11k hp 4 orange aim 932 valor 33 90k credits maxed 1000 mercenary commendations 208 warzone commendations 39 fleet commendations Alightnment Light 6777, Dark 50 Overall Light 3 6727 (lvl 4 unlocked at 6750, literally once light choice away) Crew Skills Armormech 392/400 Scavenging 389/400 Underworld Trading 379/400 A few mats in ship bay. The best schematic I have learned for armormech is a lvl 47 orange helm. Companion Affection Mako 10000/10000 Gault 592/10000 Bliz 936/10000 Skadge 657/10000 Torian 870/10000 Ship has all grade 3-4 upgrades About 15 titles unlocked including the founders title of course. Also have the CE edition so you should receive all of those items with each toon created on this account, again along with the founders title. The only way you can ever get any of these things is through the collectors edition which I don't think is even offered anymore. If it is, it won't be soon enough. Nothing crazy but cool things such as a flare gun and a holo dancer. There are also nifty things like a in game screen shot capture that you can hotkey. Price is # but of course I am looking to meet at minimum the price of the game. I am hoping to get compensated for some of my time put into this toon. PM me on here or shoot me a email at [email protected] I am new to the site but no scammer. I think effort I went through to provied full info above is proof but I have no problem providing any other kind of proof. Once a serious buyer contacts me I also have no problem giving out my phone number. Thanks for looking! ---------- Post added 03-08-2012 at 08:17 PM ---------- belgoth's beacon is the server btw. ---------- Post added 03-08-2012 at 08:18 PM ---------- belgoth's beacon is the server btw. ---------- Post added 03-08-2012 at 08:18 PM ---------- belgoth's beacon is the server btw.
Thread Status:
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