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    I am looking to sell my Chanter as I am in the process of switching servers to play with some friends. Already have a new account so no trades thanks. He is 44, about 8 bubbles away from 45. 302 Armorsmith with plenty of flux's, blue recipe's and materials in the bank. He has the legendary Xeno weapon as well as some blue armor and about 1.5 mil Kinah, but much more in materials and items in the bank. Cubes(bag/bank slots) are upgraded. It has many green Manastones for your gear. He has skill books up to lvl 45. This is a collectors edition account, with this you get upgraded wings which let you fly faster and longer, some blue accessories, purple dye and special emotes/titles. The character has a good rep on the server and is sought after in groups. I'm looking for 250 USD via Paypal, Verified only please. You can change your sex/appearance in this game if you do not like how the char looks. Contact via - [email protected] - for any questions.
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