42 Elyos Male SM 5 alts 34,30,30,21,10 Free Transfer

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    Firstly, i know i have not been on MD trading, but GL trying to scam me. im mature gamer who will not deal with anyone not willing to talk via aim..and probably phone considering the ammount of sale. so if your looking for a scam here move on. Looking to sell my Elyos account as Aion just isnt holding my attention anymore. I is on server Nez which is an Oceanic server. The story behind nez is that ncsoft did not make it clear it was an oceanic server so about 1/4 of the population is not oceanic so regardless what time you play there are always people on. NCSoft has alsto released that they are giving a free server transfer off that realm as soon as their trans option comes out. (was ready in Nov although ncsoft is tweaking it a bit and will release soon) the chrs main is a lvl 42 sm male with 304 alchemy 176 armor 126 tailor vitality 280 aether 256 alts are 34 glad 30 Temp 30 soc 21 sin 10 cleric Started working on the 5 piece daev set (the bonus for set does stack) From what ive read on forums the temp is godly with this set. anyways not looking for much taking offers atm willing to let go for $175 for the time ive put into it only to use to put towards an account in another game where someone has invested equal time. Account is active and can show ingame or share recent screens if interested. Older gamer also willing to trade for xbox 360 or ps3 or wii email : [email protected] ty for looking
Thread Status:
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