Sold 4 1m GP account with Darth Revan, Malak

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    Selling ~4.1m GP account with Darth Revan, Malak.

    Account wasnt played for some time, thus arena rank is lower then it can actually be.

    SWGOH.GG link:


    In addition you will get:

    • Whole new Google (Android) account created only for this game!
    • Full support in transferring account (i will help you as long as you need it)!
    • Opportunity to upgrade account to better one in future (you give old account + $)!

    Have questions, want up to date screenshots - contact me in private or Discord (Money4game#0466).

    Do you have a SWGOH account and want to upgrade to this one? Contact me!

    I also buy SWGOH accounts! Pay in cash right away!
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