Selling 3x steller accounts! 1- 100 zerk, 92sk, 80rng. 2-...

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    3x steller accounts! 1- 100 zerk, 92sk, 80rng. 2- 100 bard, 93chanter. 3- 96 sham Age and responsibility blows but such is life!! so selling off the extra load of 3 accounts! All accounts are on Drinal, a regular rules server, so are transferable to any of the non-progression servers and all have 150ish days of gold remaining. I am the original and only owner of these 3 accounts and have all the necessary information required (original credit card #s, secret question answers, hell, i've even still got the original pre-expansion EQ CD for the bard account if ya wanted me to mail that to you hehe) I have no intention on selling any of these for 2 weeks to give me some time to feel out the offers and see what I can get for them. Not sure if what I'm gonna ask will be laughed at for being so high or if it's stupid low so gonna give it some time to see what offers do roll in. I'm NOT interested in any trades. A good deal will absolutely be considered if you want all 3 and likewise they are not a package deal so am willing to sell them off individually. First account - $700 100 Zerker, ~3/4s VoA raid geared. 5.3k AA. epic 2.0 92 SK, RoF group geared, 2.6k AA. epic 2.0 80 Ranger, just about the best bazaar geared available for 80, 1.5k AA. The ultimate power leveling account. headshotting ranger, swarming SK and decaping zerker. Second Account - $550 100 Bard, 5.3k AA. RoF t1/t2 group geared 93 Chanter, 350 AA. RoF t1 group geared (really a blank slate work in progress toon that never got much done with it) Solid box account. Bards make everything better! Third Account - $350 96 Shaman, Voa/RoF group geared. 4k AA 70 Ranger, Anguish Geared. 600 AA Basically a buff/heal ***** box So onto the meat of the accounts! Account 1! This account is a power leveling beast!! Zerker Magelo -

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    The zerker even at 5.3k AA is pretty much fully...
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