Sold 39xOutbrake skins.3x dia,3x plat.14boosters.1,1kd,1,2wl.Pay by Visa or Paypal

Discussion in 'Rainbow Six Siege Boosting for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by lasderlin, 7/13/21.

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    I'm selling an account dia x3. There are tier 1 cybersport colouring pages: jager g2, Valka faze, mute vp and secret , lesion darkzero, yana knights, zofia tsm, ace cloud9, smg11 bds, aruni empire . There are coloring pages for additional devices: from the apocalypse event, from a set of seasonal coloring from chrimston heist , from a battle pass from chrimston heist . Passed premium bp from Crimston Heist. 89 lvl battle pass premium from north star and i passed all battle passes since shifting tides(free). 4 wind bastion: mute, thermite, hibana and fuze. For more information write in discord: lasderlin#3106

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