38M power HQ25 - Server 21 good officers most lvl 60 or high 50 s

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    Selling my character due to not being able to keep playing competitively any longer with new job.

    Still playing this character stay tunned might be leveled up to around 45-46mil by next week with my last power push.

    - Character has easily over 1Bill rss in tokens.
    - Most officers are around lvl 60 the rest are level 50 and above besides for a couple farming officers.
    - Has a fair amount of speedups currently about 12 months worth in generic and research combined which i may use to boost power.
    - 1.5mil T4 units -1.8mil total incl non T4.
    - HQ 25.
    - Turret level 23
    - Every main building level made 25 atleast once.
    - In top guild.

    Will update this listing and adjust price for power gain.

    PM me for discord if you require more info.