Selling 308 T MS Account CO 90 VIP 160 HQ 30

Discussion in 'Mobile Strike Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Rebecca J Cook, 6/14/17.

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    This account has had a lot of time and effort put into it, it has so much stuff that its actually gonna take someone with some time to either use or clear out. There is over 200 cyanide pills, over 800 instant kills, tons of speed ups, research is almost complete except for a few in the milestone tree and the new battle tree. There is a lifetime research file reduction in this account, about 900 million gold, includes 4 battle tested teleport, 7 home teleports for State #84, at the moment the base resides in State #473, very low population so its pretty safe, it has a 30 day Shield in place and will remain shielded until the account is sold. It has the latest gear and all 4 Insignia slots, has 4 PYO Divine Augments, just alot of stuff. If your interested I can send you any screenshot you want about the account. I will use Middleman for the sale but I do have a paypal account available. I used it for the purchase and sale of two Game of War accounts in the past without any issues. I am not verified but I don't want to pay anything more out of pocket for this game.
    My line ID is warrette420
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