Selling 3 Miller prestige chars, cosmetics, implants, directive weapons, everything important unlocked

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by rev6y7, 10/21/18.

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    Hereby i am selling my Planetside 2 Account:

    I am accepting bank transfer as a payment method.

    Send me a PM if youre interested, i got Teamspeak and Discord

    The account includes:

    -1 vs, 1 tr, 1 nc prestige char on miller, +smaller chars around 10-47 on miller, cobalt and emerald
    -various camos, cosmetics,
    -almost all important perks, e.g. full reload / ammunition on various tank weapons, full stealth, armor, fire supp, various class perks like adrenaline shield, grenade bandolier, jump sets, pretty much everything
    -lots of weapons and attachments bought with dbc, (so they are available on all new characters on the account)
    -5k directive points (betelgeuse, parsec, skorpios, harasser aurax, black camo....),
    -lots of implants, especially on nc char | chars.png | ps2directivepoints.png | ps2implants.png | ps2infivs.png | ps2magridercamo.png | ps2ncmax.png | ps2ncmedic.png | ps2trharasser.png | ps2trheavy.png | ps2trla.png | ps2vanguardcosmetics.png | ps2vsharasser.png | ps2vsheavy.png

    for further screenshots, pm me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.