3 level 80's 10 months playtime

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    1) TOS - on Tyranny pvp 5 5% to pvp 6 Helm: pvp 5 epic helm Chest: Scarlet circle epic chest (cost 196 rares) L: Scarlet Circle epic l Boots: Scarlet Circle epics (cost 900MOA"S) best two rings in the game Sheild: T-3 shield, also has t-3 bracers has over 1500 MOA's, yellow tiger mount, rank 4 in tigers, scarlet circle, wovles. Rank 3 in 2 others. Has over 50 rares trophies this is a END game acocunt for high end raiding PVE - or high end pvp to be succesful! Also has the two bought most powerful spells for the class from the store 2) POM - on tyranny pvp 4 75% to pvp 5 Helm: t-2 helm Gloves: t-2 gloves Weapon: t-3 2H blunt Boots: Scarlet circle epic Chest: epic pvp 4 l L: epic pvp 4 l Has over 300 MOA's, decent AA's has SFF for 6 mans. Another end game account ready for high end PVE t-2 and t-3 raiding or pvp 3) HOX - on Deathwish pvp 3 has full khatai blue gear, with the pvp 5 sword. Has white tiger mount - This account needs some more AA's and gear before it could be called end game. But very close.. 4) 55 Conq - Tyranny normal mount over 6 gold on him.. Also has 10 months play time paid for! Asking 210.00 OBO US. send me any offer have screen shots also If you don't know about AOC your missing out You Tube PVP: You Tube
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