Selling   1-24 Hours 3 Billion Coins / Transfer or New Account

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    How can I buy coins?

    We currently have two trading methods, including Manual Transfer or New Account.

    1. Manual Transfer: We will log in your account to transfer the coins to your account. Therefore we need you to share the login details (Email and password). Please make sure that all info provided is correct. Attention: Never log in your account during this process, or the transaction will fail. We will send you a message when the transfer is finished.

    2. New Account: We will send you the login details of a new account with the coins added.

    How long does delivery take?

    If stuff is active then it would be within 3-4 hours, maximum waiting times can be up to 24 hours depending on demand.

    Is it safe and will I be banned?

    It’s 100% safe. We have very long experience in transfering coins and our manual transfers or accounts have never ever been banned, since the coins are transferred using separate IP addresses and only a small amount each time, therefore ensuring there would be no ban and it not becoming a flagged account.

    What type account login details should I give for transfer option?

    You have to give a miniclip or facebook account login details. We can not transfer on google play account, or you can simply create a miniclip account with the same google account that you already have without worries, you will have the same level, the same currencies, the only difference will be that you will be able to access the same account from Miniclip or Google.

    I bought New Account. Can I transfer these coins to main account with playing and losing?

    No, you can not. You have to keep your coins in this account. Miniclip don’t allow transfer coins beetween accounts. Therefore if you try to transfer then your account will flag or bann.

    !!! Important do not try to transfer coins between accounts and do not use third-party game modifiers... Like mod, hack-old version, etc... !!!

    Thank you for viewing this listing, we hope we have been helpful.

    Have a good day.
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