3 Accounts for sale. Willing to sell 2. Gold IV Gold III Plat V

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    Hello all. I am currently holding 3 accounts and well I only want one. I play all 3 but no longer have the time to keep them all from elo decaying. I am in no rush so I'm only taking serious offers. I've been scammed 3 times on this site so I'm either open to using a (you pay the fee) or you go first. Gold IV Every champion except Lissandra A ton of rune pages and runes A decent amount of skins, old Christmas skins, few decent ones 3k RP on it. Average LP gains. 15-20 Gold III About 50 champions No skins Was diamond V on EUW server but transferred it to NA and it became Gold III for some reason Basically a basic account for anyone who wants to start in Gold III Also added benefit, it is currently in a division with nobody in Gold III, Gold II and Gold I, which means when you rank up you will most likely skip leagues and tiers and be plat in an extremely quick time. Really good LP gains. Gain about 30-35, only lose about 15-20. Plat V Diamond s2 border Every champion Tons of skins. Legendary, Legacy, Normal, Ultimate (PFE) All rune pages and almost every rune. Decent LP gains so if you're a decent play you'll be climbing back up to diamond in no time. Please contact me on (cody.closs) for more information on any account. But please before contacting me on , post in this thread and let me know what account specifically you are looking for so that I can let you know via PM or on the thread if its been sold or not so we don't waste anyone's time. I look forward to doing business with anyone who wishes to contact me. - - - Updated - - - Bump. Please post in thread if you want to make an offer. Highest offers Gold IV - 100 Gold III - 120 Plat V - NO OFFERS
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