3 accounts (acct 1 is paid until 3/2013)

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    I will sell all 3 accounts for $600, nothing less than $500 Individual account prices will not be as good as a deal as all 3 currently in the CFC 3 accounts total. account 1 is paid through until March 2013. Account #2 is a 41m sp Indy toon, #3 is 11m pvp toon total on all accounts: Account 1: (this account): Machariel, thanatos, 200m isk security status 5.01, Full LG crystal set with LG omega Implants 6-10 are geared towards Large projectile account 2: rorqual, 4.2b isk, tons of BPO's and BPCs including 2 rattlesnake BPCs, viator, skiff, max mining toon, account 3: machariel 1.4b isk with implants 6-10 the same as account 1, security status 4.06 total ISK on all accounts : just under 6b total assets value, not including isk estimated : 7b you can also ask questions or respond to [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.